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Try these Tips to Convert More Ticket Sales!

There are 6 Items for you in this email, including an opportunity to possibly join me on the podcast (see #2)! It'll take you approximately 112 seconds to read the whole thing...and your ROI is worth it! 1) This week's episode!

A Trade Show or Event website needs to be way more than just static pages if you want to get more Ticket Sales and Registrations. Today we are discussing specific tips, tools, and pages to add to your website to max out your registrations and engagement!

Francesca Balit is the Co-Founder & Event Web Specialist at Bbr Web Design & Management and the Podcast Host of The Events Cast. Francesca helps event professionals build and improve their event websites to better market their events and sell more tickets.

We discuss:

  • Features every event website needs

  • Common event web mistakes

  • Why is it so important for you to keep your event website up to date

  • Small, simple changes to improve your trade show website

  • Francesca's top tips (you won't believe what she says about FAQ's!)

  • And so much more!

And ICYMI (which stands for In Case You Missed It for anyone a little older like me) -

Here's last week's episode! ==> Ep 157 - 5 More Tips Nobody Tells You

2) Help me with an Upcoming Episode! I'm going to feature listener questions in a special episode of the podcast!

  • Please send me your questions, biggest struggles and challenges, and I'll answer them!

  • I may even pick someone to join me on the podcast to discuss their question!

  • Submit Your Question -- Click Here

3) Having an Expert review your Show Plan or Exhibit leads to more $$$ in your pocket!

  • A fresh and experienced set of eyes can spot small changes that can make a huge difference, plus can make suggestions from past successful shows.

  • Let's work together to Max Out your ROI!

  • Email or call me directly at 216-236-8867! Really - that number comes right to me!

4) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #148 - Offer a "Show Special"

  • For whatever product or service you are offering, have a Special Offer or Show Special available to those who came to the show.

  • Make it super limited time to encourage a purchase, demo, or meeting quickly so you can see returns right away from your show

  • Can get a leg up on your competitors and grab away some of their business!

5) New Quick Episode series coming! Excited to introduce Trade Show U's new episode series...

  • Perfect Pairings - Events, Food & Wine

  • Each 5-minute episode features food & wine expert Michael Green sharing tips and advice to make your events more fun, more memorable, generate more engagement, and make your brand last long after the event is over!

  • Be on the lookout for the first episode coming later this month! It's part of Trade Show University so you don't have to subscribe to a new podcast...just keep listening!

  • Subscribe to your favorite podcast platform so you don't miss an episode!

  • Click here: Apple Google Spotify

6) You didn't really miss any of these episodes, did you? Click below to listen!

About the author, Jim Jim Cermak has over 25 years of marketing, consulting, and training experience, and has planned and worked hundreds of Trade Shows. He gets a little overly excited about Trade Shows, and puts that passion into helping companies get better results!


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