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Video Takeover

Radio stars aren’t the only things video is killing. This medium is taking the marketing world by storm due to its versatility and popularity among a wide range of audiences. However, not all videos are created equal.

According to marketing agency AntiSocial Solutions, “People in the US and Canada are 1.5x more likely to say they feel excited by mobile video on Facebook and Instagram vs TV.” Social videos and livestreaming in particular are attracting more attention and encouraging meaningful customer engagement than many other forms of content. Why is that, and how can you utilize this revolutionary media. Read on to find out.

Social Videos 

With social video views reaching into the billions, it’s no wonder why marketers are beginning to incorporate this medium in their marketing campaigns. Social media is constantly being checked by the masses, even for the news so there’s no better time than now to start filming.

So what exactly are social videos?

To put it simply, these videos are meant to be seen and shared via different social media networks. With their algorithms programmed to give priority to videos, these networks see the potential of this content and are continually adding features on their platforms to promote video posting and sharing.

Unlike viral videos, social videos derive success from being shared among the intended target audience, not necessarily the number of total views. With millennials resonating the most with this kind of video, this demographic should be the focus of any social video marketing campaign.

Since this age range will be taking over the majority of the workforce in an estimated 10 years time, it’s best to start investing in social video as soon as possible. The ROI of social videos is nothing to sniff at either. <a href="">Since it’s estimated</a> that 74 percent of internet traffic is due to videos, it goes to show that companies who use this medium experience increased conversion rates as well.


If you can’t see something in person, the next best thing is to watch the livestreaming video. This medium makes it possible for people to get an inside look of things and be “present” in a way that was not possible before. Through livestreaming, you can build the trust of your target audience by promoting transparency and filming the inner workings of your company.

By telling the truth about how you get things done and being open to critiques and suggestions, it helps to foster an environment where customers feel like they’re a part of the company and their opinions matter. Livestreaming on social media also encourages customer engagement, <a href="">with people commenting more on live videos than regular videos on Facebook</a> and other social networks.

This may be because viewers feel like they’re actually a part of the event instead of a passive bystander. With presenters interacting with viewers and communities being formed through the comments section, livestreaming becomes much more than watching a video.

How to Do It All 

Now that you know the why, all you need to know is how. There are many ways you can use social videos and livestreaming to your advantage. First, here are a few social video strategies:

●  Tell Your Story:  Through social video</a>, tell the story of your company and brand. This medium is a great way to introduce people to your company in a fun and easy to consume way. You can more effectively tell potential customers through social videos your values and beliefs and <a href="">how you’re promoting a positive work culture</a> within your business.

●  Lead Generation:  Generate more leads by utilizing social videos. People are definitely more likely to share an interesting video, especially if that video hints at an upcoming event. End it with a call to action and make it easy for viewers to act upon that call by providing a link to a relevant landing page.

●  Customer Support: If you have a question that needs answering, wouldn’t you rather have a short, informative video rather than a lengthy instruction manual? There’s really no contest. When customers have questions about your company or a product or service you’re selling, take the time to film the answer and improve overall customer retention and satisfaction.

Now that you know a thing or two about social videos, here’s what you can  do with livestreaming:

●  Share Live Events: No one likes missing out on cool events. Be your customers’ champion by livestreaming these conventions and expos and showing what viewers want to see. Make your livestream video as interactive as possible by replying to comments and letting viewers decide what you do next.

●  Interviews:  Behind every company are people who make it happen. These people have their own interesting lives and opinions that customers would love to hear from. By interviewing employees and clients, you can give your company a more personal feel and help customers foster a warm familiarity with your business. Remember to keep the audience involved and have them ask questions during the interview as well.

●  Q&A Sessions: Q&A sessions are a great way to find out what your customers are thinking and what they’re curious about regarding your company. Focus on relevant, interesting questions and make sure you use the name of the person who specifically asked. To give your session more direction, decide on a specific topic to discuss beforehand to help narrow down questions and set the mood of the Q&A.

When developing a marketing strategy, it’s advisable to include videos in your overall content plan. This medium is showing more and more to be the face of marketing. They add a level of interest and engagement that written content has a hard time matching.

However, you can take more advantage of what video has to offer by utilizing social videos and livestreaming. By creating an environment where customers truly feel like they are a part of the company and cared for, you’ll see your conversion rates go up with each view your videos get.


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