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Watch Your Business Come Alive With Facebook Live

Seems like everybody’s talking about — and looking at —Facebook Live these days. But is it really right for your integrated marketing campaign? And how can you successfully harness its potential?

Here are seven reasons to consider Facebook Live.

1. Run a video marketing campaign on limited time and no budget.

Marketing teams with limited resources have nearly unlimited potential with Facebook Live. You don’t need fancy equipment. Just use your Smartphone. You don’t need to rent a studio or hire a video crew. Just decide what you want to say, hit record and speak directly to your audience.

2. Use Facebook Live to give customers a closer look at your business.

Social Media Examiner suggests using Facebook Live to share interesting or newsworthy aspects about your business. Ask yourself what your tribe might want to hear more about — and tell a story about it in video.

3. Share content instantly — with no lag time.

Sprout Social calls today “the age of instant content.” The name of the game is to reach out and touch your audience as quickly and effectively as possible. That’s why now might be the ideal time to launch a live streaming strategy that can engage your prospects in real time.

4. Promote an event.

You can also leverage Facebook Live to get the word out about a company event. Social Media Examiner suggests that you create a post to alert fans that you have a special announcement to make. Let followers know when you’re going live —then share specifics with Facebook Live.

5. Create content that’s totally unique to you.

Sprout Social points out that Facebook Live offers you a genuine chance to broadcast content that’s like nothing else. And you can do it easily, instantly and in real time.

6. Go live at a moment’s notice, but don’t neglect planning.

Once you’re ready to take the plunge with Facebook Live, you’ll need to craft content your audience cares about. Sprout Social’s advice: “It’s smart to plan your content just like you would anything else.”

7. Intimidating — but worth it.

Yes, it can be a little scary to stream live. For tips about becoming more comfortable in front of the camera, read these reassuring words. But the bottom line is that Facebook Live might be the ultimate way to gain trustworthiness and credibility as a company.

Facebook Live is alive with potential for your business. Facebook Live is commonly used across the world, so it’s time to jump on board while it’s still a fresh idea. To learn more video and marketing, check out Marketing Tango’s extensive video archive.

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