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What is a TikTok CREATOR Accnt?

If you haven’t heard it already: TikTok is here to stay.

And whether you’re a business, content creator, or individual user, it’s important to understand the differences between a TikTok Business and vs. Creator Account.

What is a TikTok CREATOR Account?

A TikTok creator account is also considered a ‘personal account’.

Here are some of the details about TikTok Creator Accounts.

Full Access to the Audio Library. This is probably the biggest perk of having a TikTok creator account. You’ll have full access to popular songs, trending sound bytes, and any other audio clip available in the app.

Creators and influencers are able to utilize any available sound clip, as well as create their own.

Ability to Stitch & Duet. In addition, creator accounts can stitch or duet any video, giving them the ability to react to or add to stories of any other creator or brand video.

Access to TikTok Analytics. Both types of TikTok accounts have access to analytics and performance insights. For creators or personal accounts to access analytics, they must post at least one public video. Because analytics aren’t limited to business accounts, like on other apps, this gives individual creators a leg up on their reach and engagement.

Eligibility to Join the TikTok Creator Fund. Creator accounts can access the TikTok Creator Fund as a way to monetize their account and be incentivized for creating more awesome content.

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Louie Bischoff - Owner Louie lives in the Phoenix, AZ area. She has had the opportunity to work directly with Facebook/Instagram in their SMB Advertising Area - where she learned many tips & tricks to make the 'algorithm your friend' for ads!! She has had her own marketing business with small business clients located worldwide on and off since 2006, with an emphasis on Social Media Marketing and Marketing Strategy, Louie has her MBA in International Marketing from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Prior to focusing on Digital Advertising, she built a career in the consumer product industry as a Product Manager. Louie was an award-winning adjunct faculty member at Thunderbird Graduate School where she has taught Business Communication/ Business Writing classes. She also lived overseas in Taipei, Taiwan for six years while teaching business communications with international companies. In addition to her MBA in International Management, she has her BA in Broadcast Journalism/English (minor) from the University of Arizona. Louie has two teenage sons.



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