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What is a VPN and why is it important, especially in 2020?

Do you really need a VPN?

The answer is yes! You must use a VPN to protect your privacy from the many organizations that track every page you visit and to protect your computer from internet threats.

Virtual private networks or VPNs ( Virtual Private Networks ) like lemigliorivpn are a very useful tool to maintain security on the internet. They protect you against hackers, malware and other dangerous elements on the internet. In addition, they can help you avoid censorship and thus be able to enjoy the Internet without restrictions.

Although VPNs seem somewhat complicated, they are very easy to use. Throughout this guide, I am going to simplify all the technical aspects so that you can understand everything, even if you are a true beginner. You'll be using a VPN with complete confidence in no time!

What is a VPN and how is work?

Using the internet without a VPN is like sending postcards. When your data passes from one server to another, it can be intercepted and seen by people to whom it is not directed. Also, anyone can see that it was you who sent them.

You may not mind that hackers know you watch funny cat videos. But when it comes to your personal information, prevention is better than cure.

That is where the VPN appears. Thanks to the use of encryption, it is like sending your data in an ultra-secure package that can only be opened by the receiver. If someone tries to take a look at your data, they will find a tangle of encrypted information. And since the VPN masks your IP address, the recipient will have no idea who sent the data.

How can a VPN benefit you?

Now that you have an idea of ​​what a VPN is and how it works, let's take a look at how it might help you!

Unlock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Hulu, and other global content

Even if you are in a country where certain content is not available, you will surely want to see it anyway. Some countries block platforms with Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube. This means that you will encounter annoying error messages over and over again when trying to access the content.

But a VPN can help you get past geoblocks and see what you want from wherever you want . Some services, like Netflix, have become more sophisticated and have developed advanced VPN detection programs to block access. You just need to choose a VPN that can overcome these blocks.

Play region-restricted video games from anywhere

Have you ever wanted to play a video game online but have found that it is blocked in Spain? You are not the only one. This frustrating situation is common for many players around the world. But with a VPN, you can change your location and play the game you want, wherever you are.

Secure torrent download

Downloading torrents can be risky because you can't always be sure what the files you download contain. Or worse yet, you risk getting in trouble with the authorities if you download something you shouldn't.

A VPN can protect you by hiding your identity. Also, it will prevent your internet service provider from observing what you are doing and limiting your bandwidth. Some VPN services, like lemigliorivpn, even have dedicated servers for torrents and additional features to protect you from malware.

Greater privacy and anonymity on the internet

Have you sent your bank details to a friend online? Do you use public wifi networks often? If so, you may have opened a door for hackers, especially if you have used a public wifi point.

A good VPN uses the most advanced encryption to keep your data secure. In addition, it will ensure that the pages that handle your data cannot see where they come from, thus maintaining your anonymity as much as possible.

Overcome censorship

Dozens of countries around the world censor content because it does not conform to their religious beliefs or policies. If you plan to travel to a country that heavily censors the internet (like China), you will need a VPN to help you overcome the restrictions. Without a VPN, simple tasks like searching Google or updating your Facebook status would be practically impossible. A VPN helps you to unblock these sites, in addition to keeping your data safe from spies.

In addition to this, you can use a VPN to overcome the firewalls that normally exist in office or school networks.

Improve your speed and internet connection

It could be because it detects that you are downloading torrents or because you have exceeded a specific data limit. Some providers use this strategy to try to expand and improve your internet connection plan. This practice is known as throttling.

But with a VPN, your activity remains private and not even your provider can see it. This means that it cannot limit your bandwidth, so you may notice an increase in speed.

Save money

Sometimes a VPN can save you money. How? Many e-commerce platforms display different prices to users based on their location, so connecting to a server in a different country may show you lower prices.



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