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What Stages Do Video Marketing Agencies Follow to Get Your Campaign Running?

There are thousands of video marketing agencies out there who all claim to be number when one when it comes to taking video promotion to the next level. The reality is, however, is that there are only a handful of professionals out there who can make things happen. Video marketing is an expensive business, so it’s crucial you understand the steps involved to get your creative piece out there. No video marketing agency is the same, but they all follow similar stages to ensure your campaign gets off to a flying start and you get the conversions you deserve. Before you part with your money and invest in a video marketing campaign, have a look at some of the stages a typical marketing agency will follow to ensure your campaign is a success.

Creating Realistic Targets

The first point of call is to outline any specific targets you’ll want your campaign to meet. Any business minded person will want the highest returns on their video marketing investments. However, it’s important you’re realistic about what your video can achieve. Video marketing agencies will help you understand what’s possible and what isn’t. You’ll come up with a list of targets that you’ll want to achieve and the agency will make some changes until both parties can agree on an overall goal.

Evaluating Your Current Campaign

If you are already running a video marketing campaign, an agency will try to understand why it’s not currently working out for your business in terms of failing to meet your overall targets. This could be due to targeting the wrong demographic or simply because your video isn’t sending out the right message. This step is usually one of the most troublesome because of the research involved. However, it’s also one of the most important to ensure your campaign gets firmly back on track. The steps a video marketing agency like Spiel will take during this stage include but are not limited to: traffic sourcing, qualitative data collection, and quantitative research.

Determining Your Budget

It’s crucial you set a budget for your video marketing campaign to ensure you have the finances to see it through to the end. A video marketing agency will help you determine the research and steps needed to get your campaign on track, and they will help you set an overall budget in order to achieve its goals.

Discovering New Trends

Research plays a massive role in all stages of video marketing, regardless of how small the budget or campaign is. Analysts will research new trends on a regular basis and try to implement such trends into your marketing campaign, so your video has the best chance of success. New trends are often the best way to go about video promotion, and this could be key to giving you a much higher return on your investment. It could also provide you with a few new ideas when it comes to future video marketing campaigns.

A Marketing Solution to Your Video

During this stage, the development and creative design teams will discuss several options to ensure your video has the best ROI and conversion rates. They will implement special narrative and artwork to send out the right message to get your audience attention. This is another key step that could make or break your campaign, so choosing the right video marketing agency is paramount to its success.

Video Publishing

Once you and all internal development teams are happy with the final product, the publishing teams will start to convey your message through multiple online sources. Such sources are chosen carefully to ensure publishing is efficient and they are targeting the right demographic. This stage involves a lot of research and time, but it’s one of those stages that could give your video the chance it needs to become a huge success for your business.

Campaign Performance Testing

A video marketing agency will then conduct performance testing research that will make sure your campaign is doing the most for your money. Such testing and campaign measuring will take place multiple times every week to give your campaign a much better chance of hitting those targets that were outlined in stage one. This is a very beneficial stage to your campaign, as you’ll get a low down on what’s working for your video and what needs to be refined in order to make it more reliable.

Realizing Full Potential

The sky is literally the limit for your video marketing campaign, and a professional agency will do all they can to ensure they learn from their mistakes to help your video discover its full potential. Video marketing is a learning curve for all involved, and even the professionals need to keep learning new trends to help you stay ahead of your competition. This is why it’s important you side with a marketing agency to take your video forward, as they will help you understand the video’s full potential and will conduct research to keep your video and investment going for months.

In conclusion, video marketing agencies will do everything they can to ensure your video hits its targets and your money stays efficient throughout. Finding a reliable video marketing agency isn’t easy, but researching the chosen agency and asking them what steps they take to promote your campaign is a rule of thumb when it comes to choosing one.



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