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Why include Instagram in your marketing strategy?

Instagram has gained so much popularity over the course of the past few years that most people compare its renown to that of Facebook and Twitter.

Though primarily a casual social media platform, Instagram offers you a chance to improve your marketing strategy – a no-risk win-win situation where all you’d have to invest is some time and effort.

Today we are going to talk about some of the reasons why you should start using Instagram.

1. Free to use

The first thing that might cross your mind when you start devising your marketing plan is “how much is this going to cost me”. Well, as far as Instagram is in question, it won’t cost you a dime. This social media platform is completely free to use, along with the majority, if not all its features.

2. It gained massive popularity in past years

Now, the fact that Instagram earned a bit of renown over the past few years might not mean to you much, but let’s think about it this way – increased popularity means more people are using it, which further means that you’ll be able to snatch some extra clients.

3. Give form to your “Avatar”

One of the biggest advantages of Instagram is that it’s a photography/video based application. Knowing this, you can use it to your advantage and put your brand’s logo all over it. What’s more, you’ll be able to upload pictures, as well as videos of people using or marketing your product/services.

According to numerous professional photographers, Instagram is a virtually a place where people value photos much more than they do on other social media platforms which are based on chat windows and other tools.

In conclusion, Instagram can give your abstract brand a “face” which will be more easily remembered than a slogan or a catchy phrase.

4. A creative way to show your business agenda

There are no strict or formal rules which would tell you how to advertise your brand on Instagram. You can be casual, friendly, strict – you can do it anyway you want it. What’s more, your creativeness can make a big difference, as you’ll be pitted against your competitors who are likely to think the same.

No one can stop you from doing it the old-school way as well – you can formally invite people to visit your website, but then again, Instagram is full of young people and millennials, so you might as well consider keeping up with the trends. You can also use a virtual private network to research global competitors and mimic their strategy or design a way to outsmart their tactics.

5. Higher availability due to mobile-friendly feature

As you’ve probably figured by now, virtually all famous social media platforms are available on phone as well. The same can be said about Instagram. Now, how does that affect you and your business’ marketing plan?

That means that Instagram is “more available” than other non-mobile platforms, and people are likely to “stumble” across your pictures and posts by accident more often than not.

Simply open up an account, see what happens.

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