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Why study Marketing? 10 Tips to be successful

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

The world of marketing is very exciting, challenging, and rewarding. It offers a wide range of opportunities and outlets, from areas such as public relations to brand management, inbound marketing, social networks, etc. Marketing affects all aspects of a company. Whenever a consumer chooses one product over another, the consumer is involved. Studying marketing will give you a huge advantage in any career, no matter what area you're headed towards. In case you still don't have it clear, in this article we point out some reasons why you should study marketing and tips to succeed as a marketer. Keep reading!

10 tips to succeed in marketing

Now that you are clear about why you study marketing, we give you some tips to become a good marketer. Take note!

1. Know the customer and the market

Most of the time the effectiveness of marketing activities depends on the level of knowledge of the market and the public objective. A marketer who knows how to carry out the actions to reach customers and stand out from the competition can achieve a lot.

Therefore, learning to do qualitative analysis is very important, as well as knowing how to shape a strategy. The more you master different research methods and trust your data and intuition, the better. Sometimes a direct conversion with a customer can provide more information than a massive survey.

For a marketing strategy to be successful, it must learn the needs of the market. Various studies show that 90% of consumers prefer product personalization.

2. Learn to tell stories

People love stories because they connect with themselves on an emotional level. Marketers who know how to tell good stories in their campaigns typically get the best results. This art is called storytelling.

It is a very powerful tool that differentiates brands. If your public target identifies with your narrative, it will surely generate a purchase faster. Storytelling generates trust because the brand shows its most human and sensitive side.

Also, these types of impacts are usually easy to remember, as stories are always much easier to remember than a brochure. In this sense, they are also easier to pass on to another person, you will see word-of-mouth communication. It's a dose of the human factor. Mobilizing emotions can turn your brand into something memorable.

3. Master data analysis

Nowadays, it is essential for a digital marketing expert to know about data analysis. Big Data and data analytics can help a business predict consumer behavior, improve decision-making across the board, and determine the ROI of its marketing efforts. By properly addressing these issues, the company could not only improve its market share but also expand into new territories.

One of the main challenges of using data analytics revolves around the integration of complex interfaces to access data. In fact, according to some studies, only 26% of marketers believe that their systems are properly configured to run smoothly.

The second key challenge revolves around a user's ability to use analytics data effectively. In this sense, only 28% of the marketers surveyed said that they dominated the field.

4. Exploit Networking

Networking can be vital to your professional success. A strong and extensive network of contacts gives you information on trends, as well as inside information on job openings and movement within companies. Today, social networks make it easier than ever to forge relationships, as well as make new contacts.

For example, if you are looking for a new job, a good network of contacts will be essential. Maybe someone knows about a job offer before it's posted or you even know the hiring manager. With a job market as competitive as the current one, it doesn't hurt to meet as many people as possible, and more in the world of marketing.

Social media is also a great way to find other people who share the same interests as you. With so many platforms and forums online today, you can chat with like-minded professionals and soak up their knowledge.

5. Always think about how to get the attention of the audience

With the number of companies producing content and running campaigns online, getting new customers and growing a brand comes down to how much attention you're able to attract. A study published by the University of Denmark ensures that the collective global attention span is shrinking due to the amount of information that is presented to the public. We have 8 seconds to get their attention.

Traditional marketing doesn't always work. Out of every 10,000 email recipients, we may receive only 150 clicks. Many times we keep pressing on the same actions that don't work and we get stuck in the cycle of attention resources.

The attention marketing concept represents the AIDA model, which explains the four key stages of the marketing funnel that every consumer passes through before becoming a customer: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

6. Creativity

Creativity is the oxygen in marketing. It matters in everything from how we understand and collaborate with the people we serve, to making sense of business challenges, to finding solutions that will build our brands.

We are all creative, and we need to harness that to spark new ideas, push the boundaries of how we see our world today and sustain future growth. In an environment where there is so much talk about robots, we must recognize how essential human creativity is and increase its offer. We must remind ourselves that data is an aid to decision-making and that it is meaningless without context.

Businesses and marketers today face many challenges, many of them unprecedented. Organizations need to find new ways to operate, and marketers must navigate new and challenging scenarios to promote products and services. In this context, creativity in marketing has never been more important.

7. Take advantage of virality

Viral marketing is the dream of most companies. You probably know what it is. It is when an action, a story, a meme, or even a product spreads like wildfire through social networks. The more people share your information with their friends and contacts, the more they will help you increase brand visibility. The thing about virality is that it's not just about a few actions. It is the nine-ball effect of one action after another.

You may be wondering why you have to try to go viral and if it's worth the effort. The truth is that if, for example, you create a viral video, the impact on your business will be remarkable. You can increase brand awareness and spread it further than you could through any other type of marketing action. Also, it is a good tool to acquire new customers quickly.

8. Adapt to Digital Marketing

Even if you are a specialist in traditional marketing, you must master the most popular digital systems and tools of Digital Marketing. Every year, customers are moving more actively towards online shopping. Therefore, marketers who want to succeed are following these kinds of trends and exploring new directions. It is not necessary to master all areas. You can become a highly specialized professional or know several technologies at a good level. The most common today are email marketing, analytics, and automation.

Think that the more areas you master, the more doors will open for you in the future. Although traditional marketing continues to work, it is true that today most actions are carried out online. SEO, SEM, and the use of social networks would also be interesting aspects to know.

9. Keeping a customer loyal is better than getting a new one

Customer loyalty is a measure of the likelihood that a customer will do business with a company or brand again. It is the result of customer satisfaction, positive customer experiences, and the overall value of the goods or services a customer receives from a company.

When a customer is loyal to a specific brand, they are not easily swayed by availability or price. They are willing to pay more as long as they get the same quality product or service they know and love.

All businesses should strive to improve customer loyalty to keep them buying and promoting their brand to new audiences. With email marketing, brands can boost relationships with their existing customers and, in turn, improve loyalty.

Email specialists build relationships by sending out campaigns that increase retention and foster customer loyalty, leading to faster growth than other marketing strategies.

10. Define performance indicators (KPIs)

Marketing today is not the same as it was ten years ago. Now companies want to know exactly what the budget was used for. Therefore, it is important before carrying out marketing activities to determine the goals and performance indicators or KPI's of each action. This way you will improve the results and you will be able to transmit the results without problems. Reports are often provided on a monthly basis, and the indicators must be clear and clearly demonstrate the results.


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