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Your Business is Adaptable, Are Your Signs?

Modular Graphics & Displays are Changing the Signage Game

The one thing you can count on in life—and business—is that change is inevitable. Few people know this as well as integrated marketers! With analysts projecting that 2018 will be a good year for business and the global economy, integrated marketers are creating or sourcing dynamic display and wayfinding signage that can be exchanged as organizations grow, information gets updated, or in order to meet compliance requirements—all while attractively and effectively reflecting their business’ branding and messaging.

Make it Scalable The most appealing and versatile signage is modular. More than a stationary display, these are sustainable and long-lasting signs that offer users the ability to expand or grow, regardless of business size. Images can be custom-produced to client specifications, at any size, to be slotted into easy-to-assemble frames or standing pylons, attached to towers, desks or walls, wrapped around cars or trucks, and used indoors or out. As a business grows, these high-quality signs can easily be updated or upgraded with new panels or configurations added, allowing integrated marketers to make changes quickly and affordably.

Flex it Up Modular signage can be swiftly changed if an occupant or department moves within a building, a menu is updated, or a marketing promotion/advertisement is revised. Flexible signage can accommodate a wide array of needs in locations where directional signage requires frequent modification (hospitals, hotels, office buildings, vehicles), or where large amounts of traffic (theme parks, entertainment venues, campuses) require adaptable messaging.

Remain Compliant One key advantage of modular signage, particularly for indoor wayfinding and office building directories, is that they can easily comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. When aiding those with vision impairments, rooms or spaces requiring tactile text and Braille can be accommodated with functional signage. Additionally, certain minimum text heights and visual contrasts must be included. Versatile, replaceable signage can be designed to comply with these regulations any time graphics are updated.

Final Thought: Be Consistent Whether integrated marketers are developing their first modular sign or their 400th, these adaptable signs guarantee a consistent look and feel from start to finish. Versatile signs are typically stylish and sophisticated, reliable and long-wearing, and reinforce an organization’s brand through use of color or images. The ease with which graphics can be swapped and repairs can be made, if needed, make these a practical solution for marketers looking to spread the news about their brand. From first impression window displays to wall posters, from panel trucks to floor clings, maintaining visual consistency for a diverse audience gives businesses more bang for their buck.

by Marketing Tango


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