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Your company’s image is everything - here are some easy ways you can improve it

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

It often takes years of hard work, long hours, money worries and self-doubt to take your business idea from a fledgling company to a successful, lucrative enterprise. So, isn’t it ironic that despite all that hard work and endless worry, it can only take a few misunderstanding and a bad company review to tear down everything you’ve worked so hard to build within seconds.

Your company’s image is everything. It’s what helps you gain new customers and retain the ones you already have. So, it’s imperative that you build on that reputation and keep it flying high. Read on for 4 ways you can improve your company’s image, today.

Be wary of plagiarism

Are you aware of the severity of plagiarism? And the affect it can have on you as a business? The amount of businesses who fall foul to this practice is utterly staggering, so it’s important that you and your staff are aware of the different types of plagiarism and the legalities of copyright infringement. You should always check for plagiarism in anything that you or your team creates.

This could be in a blog post, or in an article relevant to your customer base that you’re sharing through your social media pages. Copying and pasting work directly or copying texts from a number of sources and patching them together are all common types of plagiarism. If you’re caught then your business reputation could be in tatters. Do a little research and filter it out to your workforce.

Resolve misunderstandings quickly

A customer with a complaint is one thing. But a customer with a complaint that has been left without a response or a resolution for weeks is simply unacceptable. Even more so if their grievance has been posted on your social media pages for the world to see! Misunderstandings and bad experiences happen, but you should focus on damage control. If you’re seen to be making an effort, trying to reach a solution together and apologising for their experience then you will always look professional. Call them, email them, respond on social media or offer to meet them in person.

Become a pillar of the community

When you give something back to your local community, your company image rating goes through the roof. It shows that you care, that you’re invested in your local area and its people and that you’re a business with a face! Consider sponsoring a fun run, raising money for a local charity, sponsoring the local kids soccer team etc, the possibilities are endless. It’s also free advertising for your brand!

Go green!

We’re all familiar with current environmental issues. So, become a frontrunner in reducing, recycling and reusing! Switch to more energy saving appliances, try to run your business in an environmentally friendly ways as possible. Show that you’re invested in the local area and the local environment and you want to make it a pleasant place for everyone. Not only will this improve overall satisfaction with your company, but it will also help you keep costs down in the long term – it’s a win-win.



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