Press Releases

Free publicity beats paid advertising...

And that's exactly what a well-written press release can do for your company, product, or service. In an age of digital advertising, the press release is still the king of publicity. Why? Because, time and time again, research shows that press releases can generate a higher return than high-powered ad campaigns. Editors are literally thirsting for newsworthy stories with a journalistic slant. And readers trust them to provide relevant and useful information. We have put together a list of press release guidelines, writing tips and a press release format.

What a press release will do for you...

Maximum visibility

Increased credibility

Improve company image
New members

Maximize member retention

Connect with your audience

Announce a new service

Create media relations

Connect with journalists

Local/Regional distribution

World wide Internet distribution

Newspapers and periodicals

Radio and television stations

Magazines and industry journals

Search engine optimization

Viral possibilities on social media

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