Programmatic and Native Advertising Tools

ChoiceStream - able to process a ton of audience data and discern which of it is actually useful knowledge for brands. ChoiceStream then uses that information to properly target ads to your audiences it knows will be a good fit, boosting the relevance of your ads to your targets.

Rocket Fuel - a popular tool with a feature called Moment Scoring. Moment Scoring uses anonymous user data to calculate how likely someone is to respond to your advertisement, then uses that information to decide when and where to serve your ads. Rocket Fuel offers both a self-service platform and managed services.  - differentiates itself by being able to take complete advantage of unstructured audience data. This means that-unlike some other tools on the doesn't need to rely on pre-made audience segments to categorize audience data, which can be a big advantage when working with a lot of data.

Zemanta - compiles your original content and then optimizes it for multiple distribution hubs, such as promoted recommendations, in-stream advertisements, in-text ads, and sponsored content on top media sites. It then allows you to distribute your content across a broad range of channels, including Yahoo Advertising, Gravity, and Outbrain.

Nanigans - uses predictive technology and proprietary algorithms to help you optimize your Facebook advertising. Take control of your digital advertising. Best-in-class advertising automation for in-house performance marketing teams. 

What is programmatic and native advertising? As described by LinkedIn, Programmatic advertising is the buying of advertising through online software. Native advertising, is simply a new form of digital advertising. ... For some in the industry, this may seem unusual to give it its own term (programmatic), as you've been buying advertising through online websites like Adwords for years.

Are you using Programmatic and native advertising for your web site?

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