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Earning the trust of our clients for over 40 years...

Every business is presented with challenges and gaining a competitive edge can be difficult. With 40 years of business experience, Concept Marketing Group has the knowledge and expertise in developing and implementing effective marketing strategies through targeted, managed, strategic campaigns. Our main focus: putting you in front of your target audience.

We provide the necessary tools to implement these strategies, work with you to adjust the marketing program as needed, and most importantly, stay on track to achieve your business goals. We believe collaborating with Concept Marketing Group on your marketing efforts will deliver noteworthy results to your business. 

What we offer...

  • - increased visibility

  • - targeted marketing

  • - list enhancement

  • - enhanced product offerings

  • - increased name recognition

  • - resources for continued growth

  • - new business opportunities

Trusted by Clients for Over 40 Years

Barbara A Spagnola, Consultant

Concept Marketing Group
P O Box 10862
Prescott, AZ  86304

      E-mail:  spagnola.barbara@gmail.com
      URLS:    www.marketingsource.com 

      Phone:  800-575-5369

Quick Facts:                                                                    
Years in Business:  40 +
Customers:  Approximately 8,000
Reach: Nationwide and International
Full Service Marketing Firm
Businesses Served: Start-ups to Large Fortune 500's  

Concept Marketing Group has always been attentive to our needs and provides great service with fast turnaround.  As a small business owner, I like their attention to detail making sure I get exactly what I ordered.  

Brad Krimmel

"It has been a pleasure working with Concept Marketing Group, they are one of few vendors that we do not have to ask more than once, they are on top of it and very easy to work with!
Ted Dorr, President
Double D's Sourdough Pizza



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