Saturation Lists

Targeted Saturation Data

To achieve Saturation rates, the postal service only requires you to mail to 75% of all records, or 90% of the consumer records (whichever is less). So why waste postage sending to household that can't afford your client's product or service, or households where the minimum age is 80+.

With our Response Boosters, we overlay the Occupant Database with a Consumer one, to determine which household incomes are in the lowest 4% of a zip, and which ones have a minimum age of 80 years old.

Leaving off the worst prospects allows a mailing to perform better.

Occupant and OccuName

Now with Response Boosters

Database of every known address in the

country verified by the U.S. Postal Service.

Enhanced Occupant & OccuName

Income, child presence, age and gender output

Same saturation database with anti-targeting capabilities based on age and income criteria.

houses graphic2.jpg

A list source of over 150 million residents (homes / apartments / trailers) and 12 million business locations.

Apartment & Condo Extracts

Contains the complex name and # of units

Database of apartments, condos and townhouses searchable by specific complexes.

Drive-time Radius: gathers prospects who can most easily reach a destination. Polygon mapping technology lets users draw their geography; great for designating franchise territories as well as selecting areas required by city ordinances.

Carrier Route Targeting: from average income in a carrier route to median age, home value, length of residence, even % of ethnicity in a carrier route.


Data Quality: our customers receive only the best. For instance, retirement homes where the postal service may call for 100 or more address drops, we limit our drops to 20 – the number of people we have found, able and willing to respond.