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List Hygiene Services
What is list hygiene and why is it critical to maintain a healthy list?  Cleaning out inactive e-mail and mailing addresses will ensure you reach the correct contact and is vital to a successful campaign.

Data hygiene is not only crucial in saving money, it's vital in maintaining your business's reputation. A business with outdated contact information would be sending emails, SMS marketing, or direct mail to old contacts, end up in spam folders, and face blacklisting.  Businesses are losing significant revenue because of poor data management. This could add up to 20% per year; can your company afford to lose money?

Data updates should be done frequently to maintain quality data. 

– Companies and consumers move and change their address

– Customers change marital status (i.e. marriage or divorce) resulting in name changes

– E-mail addresses and phone numbers change frequently. Did you know... 40% of email data is outdated every year

– Job promotions and job titles change yearly for over 60% of the workforce in a single company.

Not updating your information cuts back on your ability to reach your customers and potential customers...and it costs you money 

Data hygiene will identify inaccurate information in your customer data as well as update your data files for optimal marketing results.  We know what it takes to clean and deliver customer data and we know the best practices in data hygiene. We understand CASS Certification vs. NCOA as well as proper data suppression services.

We ensure that the addresses in your customer file are accurate and meet current postal guidelines.  The end result: 

                     Maximized postal discounts                        Higher deliverability rates                      increased response rate

Data Services:

  • CASS Certification

  • NCOA

  • DSF2 

  • Do Not Mail Suppression

  • Do Not Call Suppression

  • Deceased Suppression

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