List Hygiene Services
Do you know who your customers are,
how they look and how they behave...
we do!

What is data hygiene?  Data hygiene is the process of detecting and correcting inaccurate records from your customer data file as well as preparing your data files for optimum  marketing.  We know what it takes to clean and deliver  customer data and we know the best practices in  data hygiene. We understand CASS Certification vs. NCOA as well as proper data suppression services.

We ensure that the addresses in your customer file are accurate and meet current postal guidelines.  The end result: 

                     Maximized postal discounts                        Higher deliverability rates                      increased response rate

Data Services:

  • CASS Certification

  • NCOA

  • DSF2 

  • Do Not Mail Suppression

  • Do Not Call Suppression

  • Deceased Suppression