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Lists and Leads:  Making Connections...Delivering Results

You can put all of your efforts and money into marketing, but if you don’t have the right list, you will be wasting time and money. The success of a direct mail, or email marketing campaign, lies in reaching the right demographics. You need to define your target audience, and what identifiers distinguish them, and work with an experienced data consultant who will offer advice, proven experience, and a wealth of options for you to consider.


Success is a Team Effort
We know what it takes to be successful with a direct marketing campaign whether it's a direct mail or e-mail marketing campaign.  We work with you to define your target market and provide the data that will give you the highest return. We'll analyze new audiences and provide you with effective strategies to ensure your business reaches its full potential.

Target your Audience

We know data and how to make direct marketing work for you. Broaden your marketing reach by using data from the nation’s leading compilers.  We offer precise targeting of your ideal customer based on location, demographics, lifestyle attributes, purchase behavior, occupation and more.

The Right Data for Your Project

We work with one of the largest trade data providers and have more flexibility to offer our customers the right data for every project. We know which consumer file is the most accurate for exact age, or which business file has more small businesses. We'll get you in front of your next best customer and encourage brand loyalty from your current customers.

Data Enhancement Services
Data enhancement services are key to making the most of your client base. Enhance your customer data by appending contact information, demographic and lifestyle attributes, and even buying behavior to first-party customer data.

Data Hygiene Services

A suite of services designed to cleanse your customer data. Undelivered promotions, incorrect personalization, excess postage, and DNC violation fines cost businesses money. Our Services include email address verification, postal address standardization, and customer suppression. 

Custom Data Solutions

When you have a data challenge, we have a custom solution. We offer custom data installations for a variety of needs and can integrate with a multitude of platforms and technologies. Our experienced team is always at the ready to develop a customized solution for your unique business needs.

Saturation Lists - 
Enhanced Occupant and OccuName
Apartment and Condo Extracts
Specialty Lists -

Real Property

New Borrowers         



School District

Medical Practice

Business Lists - 
D & B Basic Business and Platinum
Info Group Gold
InfoGroup Platinum

New Movers Weekly

New Movers Monthly       


Business to Institution


Nursing & Retirement Homes

Consumer Lists - 
Velocity Automotive Data

New Homeowners Weekly

New Homeowners Monthly    



Hospital Database



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