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Directory of US Associations

The importance of a member's commitment to an association is vital. New product offerings and perks will help retain their current member base and bring in new members resulting in additional revenue. For businesses, associations are a powerful resource for building and expanding networking, business and job opportunities, evaluating goods and services and researching trends or publications.  


Did you know... 9 out of 10 businesses belong to one or more associations? 

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Buy Nationwide

Looking to reach associations? With over 20,000 association records and 48,000 association contacts, the Directory of US Associations is one of the most comprehensive databases that will put you directly in front of the association market.

Looking for specific industries... not a problem. We offer custom lists tailored to your target audience within the association industry. What sets us apart from other companies ... all lists are updated before they are delivered to you.

Information includes:
Organization Name and address,
Phone, Fax,
E-mail, Url
Contact Person(s) and Titles(s)

Description of Services,
SIC Code, Reach
Membership, Staff Size (where available)
Annual Budget (where available)

Ask us how your business would benefit from purchasing our directory. 


  • One-time download, delivered in a CSV file format

  • Import into any program that takes a comma-delimited file

  • Unlimited use of the data including emails

  • We DON'T LIMIT the use of our DATA

  • Print Edition Available
    Printed the day you order for fresh, up-to-date data

  • Purchase only the geography or category you need

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