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Together with the bosses in general, together with the elders. It is likely that things will be slowed down, there will be barriers. In Aquarius - friendly for clubs and charitable organizations, scientific research associations, for favorable communication and establishing distant objectives, such as the discovery of new.

In Pisces - all that is linked with privacy, motivation, rest. Favorable for all institutions associated with water. Likely, there will be questions of evasion of taxation. But, Pisces is a contentious sign, along with ambiguities, fog, deception and illusions are not possible. Secondly, passing through the Zodiac sign, the Moon provides it its colour to everything that happens. Based on this, it is likely to determine the times that are beneficial for specific cases.

In Libra - for elite institutions. Examples with jurisprudence, partners are possible. Their character and the outcome will show different facets. In Scorpio - to get tax review, police, covert powerful constructions, for in-depth research, integration with different companies. In Sagittarius - for instruction, traveling and church events.

Back in Aries, the month is beneficial for rapid and decisive action. But, conflicts and hasty conclusions are possible. You should be scared of cutting and fire items. In Gemini - per month is favorable for receiving and exchanging information, for small trips. Most likely, it's beneficial for printers and papers. Back in Lviv - for jewellery shops, theatres, palaces. In Virgo - to hospitals and accounting.

It is better to be busy, to act quickly and decisively when the Moon is in the indicators of a fire triangle: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Diplomacy is not bad if the moon in Pisces. It's also a time for confidential conversations and selfless assistance.

Moon advice to business people. To begin with, in that sign the new moon will occur, this will be the entire lunar month. If, as an instance, a brand new moon happened in Taurus and Cancer, that the month will be favorable for restaurants, home cuisine, gardening, flower stores. The new moon in Taurus is favourable for financial difficulties. Taurus is a indication of cash.


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