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12 Simple Trade Show Exhibiting Tips to Make a Good First Impression

Trade shows offer ideal conditions to generate high volumes of sales and leads. Therefore, you really need to control every single influencer in that booth. As you stand at the edge of your booth, search the badges of oncoming traffic. Color codes often distinguish exhibitors, press speakers, and spouses. This makes it a lot easier to identify media, prospects, and customers.

First impressions are very important so follow these 12 simple tips to leave a lasting impression. 

Smile and Maintain Eye Contact

One of the easiest and most powerful ways to make a person feel recognized, understood, and validated is eye contact. Eye contact makes your words more memorable and makes others more comfortable. Keep in mind not to be intimidating and couple your eye contact with a smile to send the proper message.

Use Open-Ended Questions to Start a Discussion

Open-ended questions help you identify what the person is looking for. What issues are they trying to solve? Pause to listen and match your response to how your product or service will meet their needs.

Do Not Sit, Smoke, Eat, or Drink in the Booth

Maintain your booth and your personal appearance by stepping away when you need a break. A potential customer doesnʼt want to speak to you with mouth full of food.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Trade shows are a multiple day face-to-face marketing marathon. Donʼt let something like uncomfortable shoes stop you from putting your best face forward.

Dress in a Conservative Business-like Manor

Dress in your booth “uniform” or business attire. Maintain a cohesive, put together look. Just because you are not in your office, does not mean you arenʼt representing your company.

Arrive at the Booth at Least 15 Minutes Before Your Start Time

You donʼt want to feel rushed to arrive on time and leave your customers feeling that you are stressed. Take the time to make sure your booth is clean and ready for the day.

Speak Clearly and Slowly

Tradeshows tend to be very noisy. Make sure to speak loud and clear for your customer to hear.

Remain Professional

After show hours itʼs time to relax and have some fun. You are most likely out in a different city than your own, but so are your customers.

Stay Alert, Even During Slow Periods

Show attendees are attracted to your eagerness to help. Donʼt relax just because the show has slowed down, you may find your best lead during this time.

Keep a Product Price List at Hand

Print a reduced, photocopy of your product price list in your product for easy reference. You may be speaking with the decision maker and you donʼt want a deal to fall through because you canʼt answer their question.

Rehearse Your Sales Pitch

When possible practice a live demo in a space that is of similar size to your booth. You will immediately feel more comfortable at the show and know how to work with your audience.

Don’t Trust Your Memory

Always write down as much information as possible for follow-ups immediately after speaking with a lead. It will make it easier for you to follow up after the show and send more relevant information.

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