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3 Marketing Tips For People Who Are Self-Employed

Marketing yourself can be difficult and can add stress to your life, especially if you are new at it. If you are self-employed, a free agent, or own your own business, no one is going to do the marketing for you. It’s up to you to get yourself new clients and customers, and to keep them returning. There are many ways to market yourself that you can do easily and very inexpensively, or you may choose to budget a certain amount of marketing and hire a professional to help you. Either way, here are 3 marketing tips and tricks that will help you if

Be Inventive

Be innovative in the ways you choose to market yourself so that you stand out from the crowd. If you are a real estate agent for example, try sending out mailings with unique and eye-eye-catching photos or designs on them in order to find yourself new real estate clients. Do things that others in your industry aren’t doing and it will pay off.

you’re self-employed.

Be Shameless

If you don’t believe you’re the best in the business and exude confidence in yourself, no one else will think you’re the best either. You may have to fake it ’til you make it so to speak in order to market yourself. You got into the business that you’re in for a reason - you’re good at it! You already know this, so now all you have to do is convince others of this. Marketing your own business is a lot easier if you’re shameless about it. Tell friends and family members that you are looking for clients, make posts on social media, put up signage. Do whatever you have to do and it will be worth it once the business starts rolling in.

Budget For It

Even if you do all of your marketing yourself, you will inevitably have to spend some money, whether it’s hiring a graphic designer, having flyers or mailers printed, or renting ad space online. Have a budget in mind for what you can afford to spend on marketing, and increase it as needed once you start making more income. Marketing is effective when done well so remember that whatever money you spend on it will eventually be returned to you with new clientele - and then some. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money, and this is certainly true when it comes to self-marketing.

If you’re nervous about having to do your own marketing, don’t be! In many ways it’s great because you can control exactly how it’s done and you can do as much or as little as you want to do. Just follow these easy tips and you’ll have a plethora of new clients in no time.


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