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3 Reasons to Use LEDs in Your Display (and when not to)

The population of trade show attendees (and decision makers) is changing and the way we design booths will continue to change with it.

By 2020, 46% of the work force will be comprised of Millennials who will be, or are currently, decision makers. Generation Z will just be entering the work force and will be junior marketers and influencers. These are the generations that grew up in front of screens and have an ingrained relationship with this type of fast-paced information dissemination.

It is because of this, that LEDs and dynamic graphics have become a huge trend in the trade show industry for the past few years and will continue to be. There are 3 reasons why the dynamic graphics of LEDs are more effective in the trade show arena:

1. They are more memorable. Trade show visitors will tell 6 or more people about their experience. The Millennial and Gen Z populations are used to engaging with fast paced information and can get bored easily with static graphics, especially ones that contain a lot of text.

2. They are eye-catching, and we don’t just mean pretty. The light and movement generated by dynamic graphics literally sends light signals through the eye and to the brain, causing an involuntary response to turn toward the source. This is similar to looking towards a flash of light or toward a moving object in your peripheral vision.

3. They engage and inform. Trade shows are moving towards experiential design and LEDs and dynamic graphics help enhance their brand experience by getting them involved with your message.

The use of LEDs in booth design is one of the biggest trends in the trade show industry currently. The dynamic video graphics used on LEDs can be much more effective than your typical static graphics. But before you decide to use LEDs in your booth design, make sure that you think through how you want to use them so that you get the most of them!

“LEDs sound great! Why wouldn’t I want to use them in my design, right? It’s the way of the future!” Dynamic graphics are a great tool when used correctly. Here are 5 tips to make sure that you get the most out of your LEDs if you decide to use them in your next design:

1. LEDs are more impactful when looking at larger sizes. Think of watching a movie at a theater versus on your tv at home. The experience is so much better when you are in the theater. The same principle applies to LED graphics. They will grab more attention from across the show floor and be more memorable if they are larger.

2. Content is king when it comes to using LED technology.

Unlike static dynamics, you can show multiple brand messages to the audience. Take advantage of this! Why should someone work with you? Why are you different? How does your product or service work? How do you provide customer service?You may have multiple messages, but the content also needs to be thoroughly thought out. The message needs to be clear and go in a logical order. How would you like to transition from one topic to another? How would a customer use your product?Video quality also plays a large role in successfully promoting your brand. LEDs are 1080 HD – so use this to your advantage! Don’t just take a video on your phone and think that it will work on the show floor. Take the time to ask what the best format is and think through color contrasts and what images will really stand out. You might even consider hiring a videographer.Content is much more flexible when using LEDs. For example, during set up you notice that a competitor has a statistic that shows why their product is better than yours. What do you do? With static graphics you are stuck with what already exists. With dynamic graphics, you have the capability to change the wording here and there and to update graphics to combat your competitor and get the upper hand.

3. How close is the show? Perfecting content does not happen overnight. You will need to add this to your planning timeline, especially if you don’t have content yet.

4. Pay attention to your booth layout. You want as many people to see the video as possible. Does the location of the LED video wall flow with show traffic? With your booth traffic? Do you have enough space in your booth layout so that people can stand back and watch the video?

5. LED videos have a strong impact on show attendees, but they also have a big impact on your budget. If you are intrigued with LED technology and want to use them, make sure that you think through your budget and have an allowance for them.

If you are thinking about adding LEDs to your next booth design, we would love to help you think through your design. Give us a call if you have questions with LED logistics or design. 770-717-8665.


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