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4 Free Ways to Grow Your Social Networks

By Kevin Leyes

Why should you grow your social media?

Social media pays off for businesses. 71% of social media browsers who’ve had good experiences with a company on social media will likely tell their friends and family about the brand. Why is this? Social media allows brands to give a more personalized experience. It gives you the chance to become a part of your customers’ lives and provide both helpful and promotional content.

On top of that, you can build credibility with reviews and comments. Whether you sell a physical product, a service, or have affiliate links, your social media presence makes you more trustworthy. From positive reviews on Facebook to shares and comments on Instagram, people see this data as social approval of your brand.

How to grow your social media organically

1. Use analytics to target the right audience

All social media sites provide their own version of analytics: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter - they all provide extensive information on your account. You should check in on your analytics at least once a month to make sure that your content strategy is working. You might surprise yourself - perhaps your content is reaching a different audience than you meant to target. With analytics, you can view things like age, gender, location, and what time of day they view your posts. Study this information and adjust your strategy accordingly.

2. Optimize your profile on the right platform

Make your profile easy to find for all those folks looking to research you. Fit in as many keywords as you can naturally, add a brand logo or photo that is easy to recognize, and simplify your username. Make sure the link in your profile links to your website or a well-organized landing page. Don’t spread yourself too thin, either. Look at where your competitors are creating a presence and where your content is shared with most. Focus on those platforms above all else.

3. Share content people want to see

You’ll need to balance the amount of sales content you share. You should also be sharing different types of content - video, photo, story, Reels, etc. Again, look into your analytics. What posts are getting the most interaction? In particular, shares and saves show that a piece of content especially resounded with your audience. Do product photos get lots of interaction compared to lifestyle photos? Give your posts about a month, then take time to review and adjust your content strategy.

4. Utilize tagging and hashtags

Hashtags and tags are a great way to get new eyes on your content. With hashtags:

Limit the use of popular hashtags that are overused

● Use trending hashtags to participate in current events that are relevant to your business

● For more hashtag help, check out hashtag search sites like

Encouraging your followers to tag their friends on your posts will also get new folks to view your content. This tactic can be used on informative, inspirational, and motivational posts: for example, “Tag someone who needs some motivation today!”

Closing thoughts

No matter the type of business you own - personal brand, service provider, or physical products, it’s never too late to focus on growing your followers on social media. Whether you have 100 or 100,000 followers on your social networks, you can organically grow your brand. Are you

reaching the right audience and posting the right content? Are you on the right platform? Perhaps you need to try a giveaway. Whatever you choose, start today.


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