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4 Unique Ways to Promote Your Start-Up

Start-ups do not have huge budgets to utilize advertising because they face many challenges. Nonetheless, there are alternatives to promoting start-up businesses. This post will highlight discuss several techniques of promoting your start-up to gain more customers.

Here are four unique ways of promoting your start-up:

1. Send Emails

Currently, the internet is the largest driving force in marketing. Businesses have shifted to E-commerce, and emails have taken over social media. In addition, email marketing is a critical strategy for bringing on board new clients for little or no cost. Upon getting prospects’ email addresses, you can send emails to them to market your new venture. Hence, email marketing is noted as a great marketing plan.

To reap heavily from email marketing strategy, you start by collecting prospects’ email addresses. Add a newsletter signup post on your start-up business website. Otherwise, you can prompt your clients to send you their email addresses.. The crucial element to recall is that you have to diversify your emails with informational content like infographics, videos, how-to articles, and guides. If your emails are always commercials, your prospects will probably opt out of receiving your newsletter.

You do not have to spend your time crafting and sending emails. You need to put up a variety of automatic email drives that are made to increment the revenue. An email advertising campaign helps new businesses overcome numerous barriers like reaching larger spectators.

2. Start a Blog

Blogging is a powerful technique, which can help your new venture get much-needed exposure. According to statistics, businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads than those without blogs. A blog can positions your new venture as a leading source whilst attracting organic search traffic to your website.

Blogging is a cheap and stress-free method of enhancing marketing efforts. In addition, a blog post is the best marketing idea, even before an entrepreneur launches their service or product.

The secret to successful blogging is publishing content, which your audience and potential clients want to read. This is also the only way you will be placed at the top of search results by search engines. If the blog is ranked higher, it will attract more visitors, which means that more people will know about your new venture.

3. Post On Social Media

It is reported that more than 2.4 billion people are on social media. Hence, it is essential to integrate this channel into your start-up’s marketing technique. As the start-up’s presence grows on social media, many people will see and learn about it. In addition, most social media platforms enable business owners to pay and get the much-needed exposure and traffic. For example, Facebook allows you to make ads, which appear in users’ news feeds.

Social media marketing is more than a profile picture. You have to post engaging, relevant content, which gives users a motive to follow the account. Once you have attracted a following, you should inspire them to stay by responding to their queries and comments.

4. Give out Custom Bumper Stickers

Another unique way of promoting a start-up is using custom bumper stickers, which can be handed out at events, in-store, or packaged in product shipments. The use of custom bumper stickers is an incredibly low-cost technique to market the start-up or give your clients a special gift.

If customers apply the custom logo stickers on the bumper of their automobiles, it is free exposure, which can reach areas much further than you anticipated. It is an easy, economical method of creating brand awareness.

For example, if you own an IT company or a shipping business, order custom logo stickers that can be applied on the bumper or the window of your customer’s vehicle and issue them as a thank-you for being loyal clients. Your customers will likely put that sticker on their laptop, water bottle, refrigerator, or automobile, a continuous reminder to utilize your service again.


Currently, there are numerous marketing opportunities, which start-ups can utilize to promote their businesses. Hence, we challenge all start-ups to take advantage of them and stand out. To ease the burden of a start-up entrepreneur, we have listed four unique ways that can be used to promote the new venture. Following them to the latter will ensure sales are boosted, and profits are made without much input.

Author Biography

Regina Thomas is a Southern California native who spends her time as a freelance writer and loves cooking at home when she can find the time. Regina loves reading, music, hanging with her friends and family along with her Golden Retriever, Sadie. She loves adventure and living every day to the fullest.


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