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5 Apps Every Company Should Use To Manage Their Social Media

by John Brandon

The apps you use to run a business can make all of the difference.

With social media management, a poor scheduling tool can mean posts slip through without approvals. If there’s a comment on a Facebook post, you might not see it. Yet, some of the high-end apps like SocialFlow (an awesome tool that is also quite spendy) are out of reach even for companies that have been around a while.

These are top picks for anyone who needs a social media boost, wants to take back control over their social media chaos or is interested in reaching more followers.

1. Buffer

Buffer is a low-cost option for startups and medium-sized companies that care about an approval process. Once a post is scheduled, managers can review and edit a post, then approve it to go live. Plans start at $15 per month which is pretty reasonable.

2. Sprout Social

I tested Sprout Social way back when it first launched and I still think it is one of the best managers. The company has expanded to offer better analytics, approvals, and scheduling for multiple accounts. Plans start at $99 per user per month.

3. SoGro

I’ve tested the SoGro app, which is made to help you increase Instagram followers. The app finds similar users to your company, does some automated follows and unfollows, and increases engagement over time (as you continue to post as normal). Costs $40 per month. 

4. Staged

Staged is a no-brainer for companies trying to grow their Twitter presence. It does what an employee would do manually — following other accounts looking for a follow back. It’s also a great way to track engagement about followers and retweets. They offer a free starter plan.

5. Agorapulse

A newer social media app that does much more than scheduling and approvals, Agorapulse is designed to help you track engagement as well. You can see comments and posts in an inbox for each person on your team, and the interface is clear and usable (not dated).

Know of any others? Email me at and let me know.

John Brandon is a well-known journalist who has published over 15,000 articles on social media, technology, leadership, mentoring, and many other topics.

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