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5 must use plugins to make your website completely SEO optimized

Having a good host to speed up your Word Press website is one thing, but there are many other things involved into it such as choosing the right keywords for your website.

What is the size of your image files, how readable and engaging is your content?

SEO Plugins help you achieve desirable results for your website or else you might get stuck in the battleground while your competitors are jumping up the ladders of SERPs using some of these plugins

Fortunately, a number of WordPress plugins are available while few are free and others are available with a fraction of cost.

Reasons for using Plugins

ü Frist of all SEO is confusing so even experts sometimes get out of the track

ü Finding broken links

ü Adding Meta-tags

ü Shortening the paragraph length

ü Reorganizing the site structure

ü Looking for errors

ü Rearranging the top pages

ü Or to do a complete SEO audit of your website.

Is not an easy task for anyone, it’s time-consuming and brain teaser?

But when you are packed up with the précised tools and the right knowledge to implement those tools we assure you that you are in the right direction to search engine success.

Further down we are going to discuss the 5 must use plugins to make your website completely SEO optimized

5 must use plugins to make your website completely SEO optimized

Yoast SEO is one of the must-use plugins for Word Press website, it gives you numerous options, and all in one-stop-shop, to optimize your website according to the standards of SEO, featuring options like:

· XML Sitemaps

· Title, Meta tags, and descriptions

· Connects in real-time with Google search console to show you how exactly it looks in Google SERPs

· Built-in Content and SEO analysis

· Simple to use even for a non-technical guy

· With premium package it allows content insights, free support, and ad-free interface

· Explanations are given with suggestions to improve.

Anyhow it’s a free plugin that is recommended by many experts, to make your website overall look SEO friendly and Google-able.

But if you are looking to take control of each and everything at in advanced level then you might think of other options.

SEOPress is younger than other similar SEO plugins, but they have shown sensational expertise in the SEO field, thus making it one of the best freemium all in one SEO plugin.

Even in its free mode, it gives some of the top features which other competitors offer in their premium mode such as:

· User interface with zero ads

· White-labeled with no footprints

· Creates XML as well as HTML sitemaps

· Uses RGPD compatibility with Google analytics to track down your visitors

· Optimizes social tags such as twitter and open graph

· An overall SEO friendly writing analysis

· In its premium packages it offers the webmasters with sorting out redirections 404 monitoring

· Schema setup

· Google Page speed V5 to check the quality and the speed of your web page

· Google and video XML sitemaps

· Compatible with Woo-commerce and other digital downloads

· Helps in listing Local business packs

· Assists in Optimizing breadcrumbs.

Many webmasters choose SEOPress over Yoast because of its freemium advantage and the premium itself is one to look at with cheaper packages and offering additional features to give you an advanced level analysis.

First of all, no webmaster would want his or her customers to land on an empty page.

The moment Google sees a 404 page aka broken link it suddenly degrades the ranking of the particular website as a bad experience for users,

SEO is just not about making content readable, filling your web pages and posts with top searchable keywords there are many things on the back end you have to look after such as a complete audit of your website to search for broken links or broken images, broken link checker features:

· It helps in checking and fixing broken links in batches

· Enable it in the real-time to keep you alerted if at all any links brake down

· Very simple user interface

· No need to relocate or search for every single link, it shows simply on the front page with a question mark and automatically fixes it right from there

· It’s not limited to check the broken links in posts and pages, it also analyzes comments, custom fields, basically anything that might confuse Google to dislike your website

· The advanced level of this plugin offers you an additional feature to prevent Google from following any broken link content on your website.

The only issue is that it’s a time-consuming plugin tool, it depends on the size of your website.

If it’s a large website with thousands of pages and images initially to check every link it takes time but once done, you don’t need to keep maintaining your website over and over again.

This plugin removes your website maintenance headache.

Prepostseo is an advanced level plug-in for wiping off SEO errors and mistakes on your website that are unfavorable to Google standards.

It analyzes your website specifically in Blogs, articles, posts, comments, and feedback.

It’s recommended by many industry experts mainly due to its advanced plagiarism checking expertise.

Sometimes it becomes very hard for webmasters to find out mistakes after each and everything on the website and then the next stage of fixing those issues.

This plugin assists you by replacing all those errors one by one with real time suggestions. Other features include such as:

· It reports all the bugs on your website

· It checks the quality of your content or post

· Alerts you by showing any duplicated content along with the relevant source

· It features an article spinner to resolve plagiarized content

· Real-time suggestions by checking the spelling and grammatical errors in your written content

· Seems like someone whispering in your ears every time you write for your website

· Shows the readable score of your written material

· Checks your keyword density

· Shows the SEO score of your websites such as Domain authority, spam score and etc.

· Analyses Meta tags, titles in the live preview

· Finds out any broken link on your website for any post or any image.

It’s recommended by many industry experts due to its plagiarism checking expertise, Anyone looking to go in-depth SEO optimizer for his or her website overall quality, especially in content writing, blog posting, it’s a must tool for your WordPress website to get an edge against your competitors.

People are least bothered about rich snippets In SEO terms, but on the other hand.

Everyone wants to get a great visual of his website along with pictures and star ratings on the first page of Google, which as a result increases your Click-through rate (CTR).

If you are running an e-commerce store don’t you want to add reviews, products, events, videos, articles, or other schemas on the rich snippets of Google’s search console.

All in one schema rich snippet is here to rescue you, you don’t need to master coding language to avail rich snippet category.

In this plugin, it gives you numerous options such as:

· It’s not automated thus making it more user friendly on showing which post or ads to show on rich snippet results

· This plugin helps in optimizing your website by adding Schema Metadata to your website

· It works best with articles, blogs, reviews, software applications, videos, events people and etc. as schema content types

· It informs the Google rich snippet to summarize your website schema Meta description, thus showing on the top page with stars, reviews, top products and etc.


Even though the Digital market is stacked up with different fancy plugins, for sure every plugin has its own worth nothing to point them out but these above-given plugins are the industry expert's favorite choices.

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