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5 Proven Tips To Pitch Guest Posts Properly

Traditional publications rely on managing editors to organize their content. But with the emergence of blogs and websites, digital editors took their place. They are the ones who review, edit, format, and publish content for the site. But perhaps one of the most important tasks that digital editors need to fulfill is approving pitches from guest post authors. They need to make sure that the website is filled with interesting content that the target audience will enjoy.

Since the editors always work extra hard every day to sort through all the pitches they receive, you need to make sure that your guest post pitch will be worth their time.

Here are several fool-proof tips to ensure that your guest post pitch will be approved by the editors of the website you want to submit to.

#1. Establish A Relationship

Editors appreciate guest post writers who spent time learning about who they are, apart from reading the website’s information. It means they must visit the site’s About page and look at the details about the people behind the website. If you can find the editor’s name, you can look for that person’s social media profiles to know their personal interests. It will help you establish a good relationship with the editor. As a result, it would be easier to submit a pitch for their website.

#2: Prove Your Worth

Most of the time, digital editors possibly receive hundreds of guest post pitches every week. It would be difficult for them to respond to each submission that they receive. They may also have a team of in-house writers who regularly contribute content for the site. So how can you convince them that your pitch is worthy of a space on their website? You can pitch properly by proving your value to the digital editors. You need to let them know that your contribution to their site will let them gain more audience and provide more information to benefit their loyal readers. If you can prove your value, it will be easier for them to approve your pitch.

#4. Make A Catchy Subject Line

Like most effective email marketing campaign, a good pitch should start with a great subject line. If you cannot convince the editor to look into your email, you must not expect them to review your proposed post. You can capture the editor’s attention by starting the subject line with interesting phrases. It means that generic lines like “Guest Posting Inquiry” should be avoided.

#5. Be Considerate Of The Editor’s Time

The importance of having a good relationship with the editors is mentioned at the start of the article. But part of having a good relationship with the website editor is respecting their time. Usually, these editors follow a strict editorial calendar that helps them determine a specific time frame theme. It means that they are editing, reviewing, and publishing multiple articles every day. So do not expect them to read your pitch right away. You need to give them time to review and device if they would read your pitch. It takes between a few days or weeks until you get a response. But rest assured that they will ready your pitch if you send them properly.

Besides these tips, you can ensure that your guest post pitch will capture digital editors’ attention by making it short and sweet. Never forget to introduce who you are, explain why you want to write, and how your article will affect the site’s target readers’ lives. You may also include a brief list of the topics you intend to discuss and the ultimate takeaway that the readers will get from your article. If the editors are pleased with your pitch, they will contact you right away to proceed with the submission. - Guest posting service that Drives ROI not just Rankings!

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