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5 Things to Look for Before Hiring a Logo Design Agency

Logo designing is one important part of the overall marketing department, without a logo, a brand does not really have any identity. This is one of the main reasons why business owners put in extra effort and thoughts to design a perfect logo that can rightly go with the brand and explain the brand personality effortlessly. At the beginning of every business, every brand owner comes across a time when he asks his/ her friends and family to make a logo. People around you may be perfect in design but it is not always a wise idea to trust a family or friend when you want someone to do this job.

When I was looking for someone to make a logo for me I was clear I want to go for someone who knows all the ins and outs of the job and can bring out something that can explain my brand in the most effective way. However, choosing the right logo design agency is never an easy task, I was lucky to have found the Ingenious Guru as they got me something that I exactly demanded. There are a few things that everybody needs to look for before hiring a logo design agency for their brand because one step in the wrong direction can get you in trouble that we do not want you to be into.

Following are the things we recommend to consider before finalizing a logo design agency.

1. Give a Detailed Brief

One of the many mistakes that most of business owners make while giving their logo job to someone is they do not give the right brief to their agency. Not telling them exactly what you want and how you want your logo to be is one of the reasons why you end up getting a logo that does not resonate with your brand. Nobody knows the brand requirements and vision better than you do, therefore you should mention it all while you are dealing with a logo designer.

Do not make the mistake of giving your designer a blank canvas and allowing him to draw on instead provide them with all the right details beforehand.

Even if you know the designer personally and are aware of his qualities and expertise, it is still better to brief them about your brand first. It is important you manage the logo of your brand effortlessly since you are the owner of it and you need to clear your instructions to the designer through all the phases.

2. Evaluate their capabilities

To hire the best logo designer for your company you must know how to judge the capabilities of the designer you are hiring for the company. You should have the expertise of judging the other person and their design capability. Creativity is something that is built-in therefore it is suggested that one should get a designer that has an immaculate talent for creativity and imaginative abilities. Before your designer decides for you how your logo should be, you must have an idea about how you want it to be.

3. Explain your brand audience

Make sure you know your audience right and you can explain them to your logo design agency as well. It is important to explain to the designer how you want your logo, however, apart from this you should tell them the mission of your brand, your target audience, and what your audience prefers.

Logo designers know marketing and they have proper know-how of it as well however to stay on the safe side it is important to give them a detailed brand explanation and their target customer as well. It will allow you to be aware of the current logo elements, font styles, colors, and everything that one should use for the brand image.

4. Check out their portfolio

One of the best things to do before hiring an agency is to check their logo design portfolio first. It is important to conduct thorough research before hiring a logo design industry and investigating their portfolio and past experiences is the first thing that you should go for. The overall investigation involves checking out their past work for the experience as it gives you an idea about the kind of work they have done and what to expect of them. When the professional designer approaches you, he/ she will never hesitate to share his portfolio with you.

5. Get the right estimate

One of the many things that you should discuss beforehand is the project cost. You must know the right price of the project, if you are a newbie your project manager may try to scam you or something, so it's better you get the right amount. However, this is pretty self-explanatory but you must ask the logo designer for the budget. No one should ever overlook this question. In case you are positive about their portfolio and can trust them only then you should hire them and pay them in advance. It will tell you if you should invest the money in the designer or not.

However, do not always try to cut off the prices and look for cheaper options as it can get you a lousy logo that may not go with your brand personality. You want a quality logo which is why you should not compromise on it only to save some bucks.

About Author

Getting the customers the best UI experience is what Bruce Murphy loves, he is a well-known graphic designer who has specialized in Digital Illustration and Mobile Application interfaces.

He has been working as an Illustrator for the last 8 years, for different organizations, and recently started working for Ingenious Gurus. He has taken his Master’s degree in Communications & Design and enjoys making portraits in his free time. Bruce’s ambition of being an entrepreneur combined with her his love for Graphic Designing has compelled him to design for various start-ups. He is a man of new ideas and a creative mind.

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