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5 Tips on Recruiting Employees With Social Media

For many business owners, social media has become a popular tool for finding talent. In fact, 94 percent of creative executives use social media for recruiting. Sites like Twitter and LinkedIn provide great insight on candidates that might not be found in a resume or cover letter.

If you're looking to use social media to recruit employees for your business, follow these five tips for success.

Build your brand's online reputation

Just like your company's brand attracts customers, you also need an employer brand to attract potential employees. Focus on bringing your business's personality and culture to life on your own social platforms, especially LinkedIn, and becoming a well-known business in your industry. The more buzz and awareness you cultivate around your brand, the more people will want to work for you.

Take advantage of LinkedIn's features

The majority of recruiters use LinkedIn in their efforts, and they often go beyond simply listing their open job postings. LinkedIn offers tons of great features to help employers that are looking for top candidates. Join industry groups related to your business where you can share information about your company and any openings you might have. Also, check in every now and then to read posts from members in these groups. Who's sharing the most relevant information? Who's going above and beyond in their field? Who comes off as the most knowledgeable,

experienced or passionate? Focus on these individuals in particular.

Additionally, when you're conducting searches for qualified employees on LinkedIn, be sure to use filters that strengthen your search. That way, you'll only be sorting through the most relevant candidates.

Get your current employees involved

Your HR department shouldn't be the only part of your business involved in recruiting. Many job seekers turn to a company's employees for a sneak peek at the business's culture and values. Involve all your workers by encouraging them to share job openings with their network and act as evangelists for your brand. This will extend your reach and show a more authentic, behind-the-scenes look at your business, thereby giving your prospective employees a taste of what it's like to work for you.

Engage with your audience

Don't just exist on your social platforms -- talk to your audience as well. By responding to comments, questions, messages and more, you're telling your followers you care about them. This is a good look for businesses trying to strengthen their social presence and attract potential employees.

Today, workers want to feel valued. If you're only giving your attention to those you're trying to recruit, job seekers will see right through your actions. Establish and maintain a positive attitude and kind approach to your followers.

Consider your competitors

The business world is booming with countless companies in every industry. To keep up, find out who your top competitors are and what they are doing for recruitment. Maybe they're posting more engaging and relevant content to Instagram than you are; or perhaps their employees are more involved in their recruitment than yours. If they're ahead of the game in any area, work to catch up. If they're utilizing social media features you haven't yet considered, familiarize yourself with them.

Also, pay close attention to any gaps in their strategies that you might leverage. For instance, maybe your biggest competitor isn't consistent on their Instagram account. If that's the case, double down on your Instagram strategy by sharing quality content on a regular basis and engaging with your followers whenever possible.

Social media is a powerful recruiting tool, and dedicating time and energy to developing a strong employer brand on your social channels will make you stand out to potential job candidates. While it takes time and effort to do this, the benefits of your social media recruiting strategy will be worth the investment.

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