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5 Ways to Increase Word of Mouth on Your Hotel

Running a hotel is a lot of hard work. There are various different aspects that require due care and attention. This includes the maintenance and upkeep of rooms, offering the right range of facilities, and of course, marketing the hotel.

With these day-to-day operations of the hotel, it’s even more difficult to find the time to improve your business, let alone market it. Yet if you want to generate more bookings and produce higher levels of revenue, marketing your hotel is essential. Therefore, you simply have to find solutions that allow marketing to happen, almost in the background, and all thanks to your customers. What we are talking about is word of mouth marketing, and how you do this is simple. You enhance your hotel. By implementing the following five tips, you should be able to generate better word of mouth recommendations.

1. Listen to your guests

As a starting point, it is imperative you give your previous guests a platform to voice their opinions. Their feedback can help you to identify any possible issues that are present within your hotel. When you implement these changes, guests will be more likely to return and provide more positive reviews.

However, when taking into account these reviews, remember to look for correlations between them all. One or two complaints alone about a specific facet shouldn’t necessarily be the basis for change.

2. Give your rooms a refresh

It’s easy to become disillusioned about the condition of your rooms. You may believe they are modern and fresh, but it doesn’t take much for them to become outdated and worn. When this happens, a refresh is in order.

Of course, this is a massive undertaking. You will likely have to look at hotel business loans to fund the revitalization process. It should also be done during the low-season. In addition, there’s no restriction to the changes you can make. These can range from different mattresses to new curtains. When you have done so, be sure to post these updates on your social media, but you can always wait to reveal the changes to make a big impact on your guests.

3. Small additions can make a big difference

Now you might think that major changes are the only ones that count, but sometimes small additions can make all the difference. As an example, your rooms might already feature a refrigerator. However, have you thought about including a bottle of fresh milk in the fridge? This small touch is something that will be welcomed by guests.

Other things you can think about are upgrading your toiletries, offering extra pillows, and additional plug sockets. This will go a long way in boosting your customer service and reputation.

4. Implement technology

Yes, this is another point that relates to your rooms. As time goes on, more and more guests are expecting in-room technology when staying at a hotel. As a result, make an effort to meet these expectations.

As for what technology to use, smart room keys are a starting point if you haven’t already implemented them. In-room tablets are particularly growing in prevalence. These tablets can be programmed to ensure effortless communication between guests and staff members, and they can also be used to control certain room functions.

5. Make it personal

A personalized approach is something that is always appreciated by guests. Say someone is celebrating their birthday at your hotel. If you provide them with a box of chocolates and a bottle of champagne, this is a simple gesture that will make their stay even more memorable.

Remembering the names of each guest, serving complimentary drinks in the lobby, present welcome gifts – the more personalized the service, the more customers will appreciate your hotel, and the more they will likely recommend you to their friends and family.

All these additions and more should lead to word of mouth marketing. Remember, when your customers are happy, they are more likely to leave positive reviews and recommend you to their friends. So never dismiss the idea of word of mouth marketing and the solutions behind how you can get there.


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