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5 Ways to Market your Business

Having a shoestring budget should not derail your business success in 2021. Discussed here are five cost-effective marketing strategies that will capture the attention of your target market, persuade consumers to take your product or service, and above all, educate your prospective customers to understand your brand to stand out in a competitive market.

1. List your business online

Listing your business on various business directories is the best way to make sure that potential customers can instantly identify your business, learn about your business and contact you in a faster and precise way. Google My Business is among the top essential websites where you can list your business. Here, you can add photos and offers to your profile to demonstrate what makes your company unique and give potential clients reasons to choose you every time. Your free business profile allows you to connect with customers on Google search and maps.

Other platforms include:

● Angie's List.

● MerchantCircle.

● LinkedIn.

● Foursquare.

● CitySlick.

● USdirectory.

2. Use custom air puppets near a busy location

A perfect example of this is the custom inflatable tube men, custom feather flags, and custom vinyl banners. Tube man is an air-powered dancer that can create instant impressions and get your business noticed in a faster way. If the tube dancer is created right and placed in a proper location, you may see positive results within a few days.

Tip: make sure that you buy the product from a provider who does not use nylon as a material for making tube men because nylon is not long-lasting. Make sure your brand or message is written in the material. You can purchase tube men from platforms like

3. Use social media

There are approximately 4.2 billion active social media users around the world. They spend an average of 2 hours 25 minutes on social media channels every day. This time is an incredible opportunity for your business to:

● Build brand awareness.

● Make direct sales within the social media platforms.

● Develop customer relationships.

Some of the social platforms where you can market your business include:

● Facebook.

● Twitter.

● YouTube.

● Blogs.

● Coupon sites.

● Instagram.

● Online photo-sharing services.

Different social media platforms serve different promotion services, ensure you know which social media tool is right for your campaign.

4. Send emails

Email marketing can give your business a snowball effect if it is done well. A successful email marketing campaign will compel recipients to:

● Generate more leads and sales.

● Effortlessly engage with your company.

● Get recipients to complete an action like buying.

How do you go about it?

● Determine your campaign's goal.

● Know the demographics of your target audience.

● Create a targeted list and set enrollment criteria.

● Determine the time frame for which you want the campaign to run.

● Make a plan for your emails and follow-ups.

● Create subject lines that will entice people to click.

● Make your brand's assets.

● Use a comprehensive email builder to put it all together.

● Incorporate clear calls to action like "buy now."

● Include elements of personalization.

● Always make it possible for them to opt out.

● Make sure the email works on all devices.

Following the above strategies, you will have an easy workflow in your business, and undoubtedly you will get more sales through email campaigns.

5. Engage in content marketing

This type of marketing focuses on creating and publishing helpful content related to your product or service. This content includes:

● Videos

● Blogs

● Social media post

You can generate "how-to" videos and post them on YouTube. You can also create blogs and articles with keywords that consumers are likely to search. These contents are not meant to promote a brand explicitly, but they are intended to stimulate consumers' interest in your product or service.


If you need to have a snowball effect on your business in 2021, you should invest in the above cost-effective and proven strategies. Listing your business online, using custom air puppets near a busy location, using social media, email campaigns, and content marketing are some of the proven ways to make your business stand firm and known in the present-day competitive market.


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