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6 Chat apps to make friends

Numerous scenarios can leave you in the precarious position of being friendless. It could be the move to a new city, end of a toxic relationship, or a change in wavelength with the old friends. With family and friends relocating to different corners of the world, people are in dire need for new acquaintances and a support system.

However, making friends as adults is not the easiest of feats. To begin with, you do not have the time or the opportunity to hang out with new people. Unlike school, you cannot find friends in your schoolyard or sport meets. Moreover, you have to step out of your comfort zone to interact with complete strangers, who may not even be looking for new peers.

Luckily, we live in a digital age where we can connect and chat with like-minded individuals looking to expand their social circle. Browse through the carefully curated list of app and you may end up finding your person:

Hey! Vina

Hey! Vina is an app created by women for women and routinely referred to as “Tinder for (girl) friends.” The founders Olivia June and Jen Aprahamian aimed to create a platform to empower women and create a safe space for individuality and camaraderie to flourish.

Much like the popular dating app, Tinder, it allows you to swipe left or right on the potential friend. You can make your decision based on the mutual friends, proximity, or the convenient quiz data. You can also read insightful articles and join communities that have people of similar interest to feel right at home from the get-go.


Meetup makes interacting with a throng of new and interesting people so much easier. You can discover local events, organized groups or individuals that share similar interest and immediately join ones that are welcoming new additions. You can be part of the knitting posse, wine tasting club, softball team, book club, cooking enthusiasts and so on. Scroll through the stuff happening near you, take a look at the list of attendees, and connect with fascinating people.

Meetup account is free and simple to create, and leads to world of opportunities to have your own gang of friends. If you have the time and energy, you can also build your own community with a personalized goal, host events, and schedule meet-ups.


Skout was founded back in 2007 with particular focus on connecting people living in close proximately and sharing particular preferences. However, you can chat with just about anyone using the app even if they are from different parts of the world.

According to the developers, Skout is mostly used by individuals looking for activity partners, who have moved to a new city or have entered a new phase of their lives.

The in-app features allow you to get to know similar-minded people before you strike a conversation with them. You can browse profiles, watch their life streams, save your favorite users, and broadcast yourself live. Make use of the geo-location to join forums and interact with people with mutual interests. You can also share images, audios, videos, and virtual gifts, and start a live broadcast if you feel a real connection with the people in the chat room.


One of the top apps to make new friends, Yobu has an impressive 20 million users. It is designed to attract teenagers, which is the most tech-savvy generation and the current driving force behind the internet community. Consequently, the team behind the app is geared towards creating a safe and secure platform, like the airG scam free apps, to make it easier for everyone to make new friends.

Yubo offers a number of different features including the generic swipe button and community forums, as well as exciting games and a safe chat space. You can even live video stream with your new friends on the app that is all about inclusivity. Keeping the target demographic in mind, it hosts a vibrant interface with easy navigation, so the young minds can openly express themselves.


Being a new mother, especially a first time mom surrounded by childless friends, can feel isolating. Michelle Kennedy, from the Badoo dating app, founded Peanut in 2013 when she became a mom and wanted to share her post-partum experiences without any judgment. She wanted to connect with other moms who understood what she was going through.

Thus, with Peanut, you can discuss about post-partum depression, share your breastfeeding vows, and ask for pediatric dentist recommendations. You can also set up play dates, pose questions about fertility, or gain valuable insights from experienced mothers.

The app uses the swiping model where you are presented with matches based on your interests, values, and children’s age. You can also have personal chats, start group conversations, or join communities pertinent to your motherhood challenges. Whether you are trying to conceive, struggling through a pregnancy, or want a partner for the yoga class while the kids are at school, Peanut is the perfect app for you.

Meet My Dog

Dogs are amazing companions and perfect cuddle buddies. They also offer you the ripe opportunity to interact with other dog lovers through the app Meet My Dog.

Meet My Dog is a location-based app that connects you with dog owners in your locality as well as other locations. Make a profile and include a small introduction about yourself and your canine friend. Highlight your favorite activities together, include your favorite walking spots, and share images of you and your pup.

Once that is done, find out who is at the nearby dog park, chat in real time to set up puppy play dates, and check-in when you visit a park to notify your fellow app users nearby. You can also look for reviews about the pet products and get recommendations for the local vet. With the option of private and public sharing, you can decide which activities you want to publicize and when you would rather have a one-on-one play date.


The above list can get you on track to garnering a new gang of amazing peers. With the innovative features and convenient chat rooms, you can make new alliances, gain loyal acquaintances, and join supportive community forums. Subsequently, they can help you transition into a new phase of life, adjust into a new city, or just grab a quick drink to wind down after work. As long as you take the first step and download the relevant app, the digital world is your friendship oyster.

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