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6 Clever Ways to Grow Your Email Newsletter Using Social Media


Having an engaged email list is undoubtedly one of the most useful assets you can have as a business owner in the digital age. While popular social media platforms quickly become outdated and search engine algorithms seem to change daily, email addresses stay relatively stable.

As important as an email list is though, growing one is no easy task. You've probably heard of the traditional, proven methods of capturing email addresses , from creating pop-up forms to inserting sign-up buttons all over your website ,  but not many tactics take full advantage of a medium staring entrepreneurs right in the face: social media.

When used properly, social media can be the most effective ways to drum up email subscribers. Here are six ways to do it.

1. Leverage email subscriber data.

Email marketing platforms, like Mailchimp, give users access to detailed analytics and information on subscribers, from gender to age to the states and countries they live in.

By having insight into who makes up your email list, you can also apply this information when targeting people through paid social media advertisements promoting your newsletter. This will save you time and money you'd otherwise have spent figuring this out on your own.

2. Use YouTube pre-roll ads.

We've all seen (and probably skipped through) a large number of YouTube pre-roll ads over the years. Yet, as annoying as these ads can be, the success that entrepreneurs like Alex Becker and Sam Ovens have amassed from YouTube ads illustrates the potential power the strategy has for building brand awareness, and capturing emails as well.

One way to increase email subscribers using YouTube ads is to create a video promoting an upcoming webinar you'll be hosting. After explaining all the reasons viewers should tune into your free webinar, make it mandatory they give you their email address to register for the webinar.

Note: Be sure you're being 100 percent transparent and honest about how you plan to use these email addresses for your newsletter. No one likes a trickster.

3. Link your newsletter in all your social media bios.

If you're trying to increase newsletter subscribers, then include a link to said newsletter in your bios on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and beyond. As simple as this may seem, if you have a decent number of engaged followers, they'll probably want to get to know you on a deeper level by subscribing to your newsletter.

4. Use Instagram Stories.

Consider creating Instagram Stories showing the behind-the-scenes footage of you brainstorming ideas for your next newsletter, designing it, writing it, and more to pique your followers' interest. Then, include a link to your newsletter sign-up page where engaged followers can sign up for it directly.

5. Include a call-to-action in your Medium posts.

Relative to other, more visual social media channels like YouTube and Instagram, Medium is a seamless email capture tool given how people who are reading your articles will be the type of people who would also enjoy reading newsletters.

One way to direct them to subscribing to your email list is by creating a lead magnet (a free piece of content made with the intent to grab emails), such as a cheat sheet or pamphlet related to the topic of your articles. Then, at the bottom of every post, include a link readers can follow to download the piece of content in exchange for their email address.

6. Create long-form LinkedIn posts.

One of the biggest opportunities, based on potential organic reach and high-quality leads, across the social media landscape at the moment is LinkedIn. A surefire way to gain a lot of exposure on LinkedIn is through long-form, story posts. If you're unfamiliar with the style, take a look at the content made by LinkedIn influencer and co-founder of BAMF Media, Josh Fechter, for reference.

On top of high organic reach, this style of post also provides a frictionless transition to pitch your email newsletter. For instance, if your newsletter covers tips on how to be a better C-Level executive, then create a long-form LinkedIn post recounting a time you were tested as an executive and what you learned.

Then, at the bottom of your post, include a call-to-action saying something like, "Want to learn more tips on being a great executive? I'd love to stay connected through my newsletter", then insert your newsletter link.

Having a large and high-quality email newsletter can be one of the most useful sales and marketing tools in the world of business. While pop-ups and opt-in buttons on websites are all solid ways to slowly build an email list, social media can get the job done faster and more efficiently. Best of luck.

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