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8 Tips to use Snapchat for Business and grow your business

The most innovative companies know that Social Media Marketing is the most effective way to connect with the audience. Many of them turn to Snapchat for Companies, due to the great advantages that this Social Network offers to businesses. What are they and how can you take advantage of them? That's what we'll talk about today.

In this post, you will find everything you need to know about Snapchat for Business. Here are 8 more important tips to use Snapchat for business growth.

1- Create and promote your Company's Snapchat account

Once you've created your Snapchat business account and optimized your profile (by adding a photo, short description, and link to your website), it's time to promote your account to attract followers. Promoting your account in a variety of ways is essential if you want to build a meaningful community on Snapchat.

Thus, we allow you to post on your other Social Networks promoting your Snapchat account and ask your friends, family, and followers to follow it. We also recommend including the Snapchat button on your website and adding the logo of this Social Network to your business cards, stationery, and other offline spaces.

2- Customize your Profile

Unlike other Social Networks, Snapchat does not offer an extensive profile to customize, although it does allow you to post some information. To get started, upload your account profile picture. To do this you must click on the yellow square with a white ghost in the middle: when you place your photo it will appear as filler for a said ghost.

You can upload your company logo from your gallery or take photos to create a GIF that will be your avatar. It should be noted that in Snapchat each avatar works as a QR code so that people can add other users simply by pointing their Snapchat camera at the QR code.

As you use your account, different badges will appear under your profile, (eg, in relation to how many Snaps you are sending, or who have followed you, etc.), which will work as additional information about you on Snapchat.

3- Interact with other Snapchat users

Snapchat offers you a wide variety of ways to communicate with other users, with the particularity that all of them are private (except for the "Stories" function). These forms of communication are the following:

  • Add Users: To add a user to your contact list manually, you must search for them by name or point your camera at their QR code. You can also connect to your phone list of contacts, so everyone who has Snapchat is added to your community.

  • Send Snaps: You can exchange photos and videos with other users (this is the core activity of Snapchat). Please note that if you take a screenshot of a photo or video, the owner of that media content will be notified.

  • View Stories: You can view and reply to other users' Stories. The person creating the Story will be notified of both actions.

  • Instant Messages: They are a very fast and effective way to communicate with any Snapchat user privately. When you reply to a Snap, or to a Story, both responses will be sent in the form of an instant message. Users will be notified if you take a screenshot of any instant message.

  • Send “Snapcash”: This option allows you to send money via Snapchat. To enable it, you must go to Settings and link your credit or debit card details to your account. Snapchat recommends against using this feature with users unknown to you.

4- Define the type of content you will share

It is very important to identify the purpose of your Snapchat profile. Will you share information daily with your followers? Is it where you will promote your new products? Or maybe you will show “behind the scenes” scenes related to your business? At the same time, you must define what the tone of your Snaps will be.

Establishing the purpose of your account and the communication tone that you will use enables you to work in a more orderly way and raise the quality of your content. The idea is that you generate original and attractive content that provides added value or benefits to those who follow you and that promote the identity of your business.

5- Take advantage of Snapchat Stories

Snapchat Stories are a compilation of content posted by each user. Each content disappears after 24 hours from its publication. To create your own story you need at least one photo or video (called “Snaps”). You can add 3, 5, or all the Snaps you want and delete them at any time.

After publishing your story you can see how many users have seen it and who has, which is excellent data in terms of market research. Stories are a great way to show your audience what a day at your business is like and to introduce them to your employees, facilities, activities, etc.

6- Create Geofilters to distinguish your business

One of the advantages of Snapchat is that it allows you to create Geofilters to promote your business visually in the different locations that users explore through the app. Geofilters are superimposed images or logos that convey where a user is at any given time.

Thus, we recommend you create the Geofilter of your business so that your brand logo appears in the place you want when users visit different locations virtually. As you can see in the image below, doing this is very simple and is explained step by step in the Snapchat tutorials.

7- Send private content to Loyalty your Followers

An excellent way to retain your followers and give them exclusive attention for following you on Snapchat at the same time is to send them promotions, discounts, and benefits via private messages. You can also share exclusive content, such as news about your business, openings, events, etc.

8- Advertise on Snapchat

According to the Snapchat team, there are 3 ways to advertise on Snapchat: “Snap Ads”, Sponsored Geofilters, and Sponsored Filters. Snap Ads are full-screen vertical videos, with a maximum duration of 10 seconds. In them, you can add calls to action to invite users to see your proposals.

Snap Ads may include an auto-playing audio track. For its part, Sponsored Geofilters allow users to send Snaps from specific locations while enabling you to distinguish your business with a particular logo or image within the App map.

Finally, Sponsored Filters are technologically more complex, while due to their exposure and interactivity, they are very effective in terms of advertising. It is about creating an Augmented Reality skin for users to play with and create their own Snaps (an example of this is the aforementioned Taco Bell campaign).


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