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A Basic Guide to Link Building

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Link building plays an integral role in search engine optimisation when it comes to driving inbound organic traffic through search engines. When used in tandem with a solid digital marketing foundation, remarkable on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, and exceptional user experience, it can be highly effective in creating exposure for a website. These days, authenticity, quality, and relevance are essential characteristics that no campaign can ever be without. The process of building links is no exception. In this brief and basic guide, we’ll discuss how to best get you started on this endeavour.

1. Prioritise quality content

One of the most important aspects of building links is their quality. It is for this reason that you must prioritise quality above all with your generated content or it will fail to attract and engage your audience. Overbearing spiels and aggressive sales tactics will get you nowhere – you need to offer real value if you want to encourage users to give your links a click. With that said, this is where it can be beneficial to have the expertise of a link building agency like Ocere at your disposal. They can help produce the kind of content marketing that your company while you focus on your priorities.

2. Building on broken links

With the ever-changing landscape of the internet are the need for new and fresh content and the removal of old pages. A common error is that landing pages where the links are placed remain the same. As a result, they end up hosting what is essentially a broken link. Fortunately, this can present you with a unique opportunity to take advantage of it if the links in question complement the niche of your business. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the domain owner or webmaster of your chosen website for the desired placement and present your link, resource, and materials as an alternative. You’ll be surprised at how willing many companies are to swap out links and help out.

3. Guest blogs

There are a lot of websites that are willing to take in content from various sources so long as they are well-written. If you can provide them with the desired content, you’ll be able to add links that will guide users towards your website. It is one of the simplest and most common strategies in building networks with links that you can utilise. You can begin your guest blogging by searching for websites within your sector or industry where it will be natural for your content to be published.

Benefits of link building

The link building strategy remains popular amongst businesses and marketers alike. And for a good reason – it works. Apart from its ability to improve the ranking of a website and its traffic, it boasts a wide range of other benefits for a business. Listed below are a couple of them.

It builds and strengthens relationships. Since the process of link building involves reaching out to websites that are relevant to your industry, you effectively build new relationships with many influencers while strengthening existing ones. Through this, you can create genuine advocates that can help promote your business even further.

Sending traffic from referrals. There’s no denying that links can have an impact on rankings. But did you know that referral traffic has a significant effect on it too? An excellent link that comes from popular websites can potentially lead to more traffic. If the source is relevant, there’s a good chance that the traffic will help increase both leads and sales. In these situations, the link’s value doesn’t just revolve around SEO – it is also about the consumers. If you’re able to strategically place those links and make them visible to the right people, you may be able to transform them into paying customers.

There are a few digital marketing strategies that are as effective as link building. Beyond its goal of improving exposure and increasing traffic, it also helps create and enhance relationships. For this reason, you must incorporate this strategy into your campaign as it can benefit your business more than you realise.


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