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A List of the Top Qualities and Aspects You Should Look for in a Virtual Assistant

Managing your time efficiently may be an increasingly difficult task, and if you've got your work cut out for you and still have to deal with personal responsibilities, there wouldn't be enough hours in the day. Of course, most people can burn out with the sustained demands of daily life, but those in the know have already taken advantage of a good solution that may work well for you too. We're talking about the services of a virtual assistant, and whether you need one for your business or personal affairs, it could be a substantial investment that pays off. But whilst there may be plenty of virtual assistants out there, not all of them are equal. If you want to acquire the best one, here's a list of the top qualities and aspects you should look for in a virtual assistant.

1. Look for someone with excellent management skills

Proper management is essential for virtual assistants, and this is one non-negotiable skill. In fact, many individuals become virtual assistants precisely because they are organised and are good at management. It defeats your purpose if you hire someone who isn't a good manager in the first place because you need someone who can manage whatever tasks you ask them to perform.

Your virtual assistant should be great at managing her time and should have a good idea of what to prioritise and multi-task whilst staying within their deadlines. Along with this, look for someone who respects your time and make sure you set a clear agreement on your timelines.

2. Look for someone compatible with your personality

In most cases, we can't deny that you will work as closely as possible with your virtual assistant, perhaps on a day-to-day basis, as confirmed by virtual assistant agencies like It is therefore vital to find a virtual assistant who is a good match for your personality. Find someone with whom you can be compatible, and find someone with whom you feel comfortable from the start. Sometimes we're lucky, and it just clicks – but if you're not pleased with whom you chose, it may create tension early on.

3. Look for a virtual assistant who is easy to reach

Since your virtual assistant is primarily working remotely, it's essential to look for one who is easy to reach. It's crucial to stay connected, and open communication is vital. Think about the difficulties you may face, for instance, if you were to hire someone who lives on the other side of the world. Unless they are willing to stay up during your working hours, this could be a challenge.

You should also think about your platforms of communication and how often you will communicate. For example, are you comfortable with Zoom, Skype, or some other platform? Will you expect daily updates by email? Agree on your communication channels as soon as you begin so everything is clear.

4. Look for a teachable person

We've mentioned this before; you may want someone who is teachable and willing to learn. You may not always need someone with years of experience under her belt. Someone without that much experience may also perform well as long as they have the will to learn. You may have to invest time grooming them, but you can receive a better pay-off in the end if you think about their lower fees.



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