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Build your customer loyalty with great customer experiences through improved AI and agent interactio

by Ana Cordova Did anybody else lose touch with friends during the pandemic? Working remotely and living in this segmented new normal has had its challenges and has done wonders at separating us from one another. Becca Jensen has certainly felt the disconnect and for that reason has decided that her New Year resolution is to let a few friends know that she has been thinking about them. Cards won’t cut it. She wants to send something more meaningful: Flowers!

Earlier in the year, Becca tried sending flowers to a college friend across the country, and with the amount of time she spent on hold with the florist, she might as well have driven the bouquet to Nashville herself!

Empower Customers We know how beneficial CXone can be for contact center agents and enterprises as a whole, but what about the customer? Aside from a personalized experience, does CXone do anything to make their lives easier? The answer is yes.

Dreading a similar experience, Becca browses the website of a different florist, mentally preparing for a long hold time that will cut into her lunch hour. Fortunately for Becca, this time around she has chosen a company that uses CXone for their contact center software and AI automation services. Before she can pick up the phone, a sunflower avatar wearing a big smile appears in the corner of the screen and asks how he can make her day brighter. Becca follows a few prompts and before she knows it, she is entering her credit card information to finalize her first order.

With AI-powered omnichannel capabilities, CXone gives customers the power to problem-solve and carry out transactions without the help of an agent. Experiences like this can build loyalty and trust just as effectively as a diligent agent. For Becca, ease and efficiency are much more important than agent interactions. Relieved with how easy the experience was, Becca opts to actually open the customer survey that appears in her inbox—something she usually sends straight to her junk folder.

Agent Feedback It is surveys like these that foster agents’ development, but CXone dives much deeper. Structured data like surveys give us insights into what customers want you to know, but “unstructured” behavioral data from speech and text can be much more revealing.

Across all channels, AI software harvests feedback through IVR (Interactive Voice Response) surveys, SMS conversational surveys, indirect feedback (any stream of text or transcribed speech), and much more. On an even deeper level, CXone offers speech and text analytics. Ingesting sentiment-based data from any channel and making it searchable leads to actionable insights to improve agent performance based on a better understanding of customers.

The insight of data like this will help managers build meaningful queries to solve their most pressing roadblocks and address quality management in a whole new way.

Adaptive Workforce Management With the CXone Workforce Management tool, managers have clear visibility into agent performance. Bearing in mind how different agents can be, each agent is assessed on their personality, learning style, and history of results to customize learning journeys for real, quantifiable improvements. Through gamification and incentive-based programs, agents have fun learning how they can be better at their jobs while receiving recognition for their marked progression.

For managers, CXone is a dream come true with predictive analytics for staffing and occupancy. Being able to forecast how busy the contact center will be, allows managers to schedule strategically to reduce overtime pay, solve over-and understaffing issues, and process schedule change requests on an hour-to-hour basis.

In today’s job market, this mindset of flexible scheduling appeals to potential candidates and shows that a company is willing to invest in its employees. When employees can manage their schedules and meet their personal needs, their loyalty and performance increases. Ultimately, happy employees lead to happy customers. And happy customers are loyal and loyalty is the name of the game.

Flowers for Everyone! It’s the reason Becca returns to the same florist for the next friend on her list! This time, however, Becca actually has a question for an agent. A helpful sequence of prompts leads her directly to the right agent to answer her question. The agent she deals with seems to always be one step ahead of her, answering questions that she hasn’t even verbalized yet. Since the flowers she is buying for this particular friend are condolence-related, she appreciates his understanding and empathy.

For the remaining four friends on her list, Becca returns to the same florist. The ease with which she has been able to solve her problems or get in touch with an agent has made her a loyal and appreciative customer. Buying flowers is no longer a burden, and after reaching her New Year’s goal of reconnecting by sending flowers to six friends, she decides to expand her list to include several other friends…all because of how easy CXone software made her customer experience.

Read more about CXone and how it can transform your contact center and improve your customer and agent experiences.


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