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Can this Person DOUBLE Your Trade Show Leads?

There are 6 Things you need to see in this email! You won't want to miss #5! 1) Do you realize there is possibly ONE person you can add to your booth staff who can double your results? Or at least make a significant impact! That person is a Brand Ambassador, and my guests, Al Schuster & Stephanie Crawford of Polaris Brand Promotions, are here to explain all about Brand Ambassadors and how you can use them. Ep. 153 - Using Brand Ambassadors to Maximize Your Leads We Discuss...

  • What can a Brand Ambassador do for your company

  • Questions to ask to get the right person

  • The roles a Brand Ambassador can play

  • And more!

This can be an absolute Game Changer for your company. Listen now, and then please share it with others! Click Here!

2) And don't miss these recent episodes:

- Ep 152 - Cyber Security & Privacy for Associations & Events - with Brian Scott - Ep 151 - 8 More Tips for Stress-Free Travel to Trade Shows - BONUS - The Invisible Industry Tour - with Laura Palker 3) Want to become a Better Public Speaker? Then you have to check out the Own the Microphone podcast with my good friend and Trade Show U guest Bridget McGowen! Each week she features a special guest talking about different aspects of becoming a better speaker, and she featured me this past episode! Check it out Here 4) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #143 - Be Present and really Listen to Attendees

  • Want to truly connect and make an impression with your attendees? Then be totally present when having a conversation, and really listen to them! You will be able to best answer their questions and begin building a relationship. On the flip-side, nothing turns me off more than when I am talking to someone and they are looking past me or I can tell they are not listening. I will not do business with people who don't value my time especially when I'm right in front of them!


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