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Can you do Post-Pandemic Events on a Budget?

Questions facing every event organizer, sponsor, and the exhibitor are...what will trade shows and events look like post-pandemic? And will we be able to survive all the new protocols within our budget? Today we discuss these topics with industry veteran Maggie Ellison! Maggie is the Vice President at Creative Marketing Strategies, an experiential engagement agency that has been providing marketing solutions for 40 years. Her previous positions allowed her to lead creative strategy for hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies.

We discuss...

  • How have events changed since the start of the pandemic?

  • What types of events will be successful in a post-pandemic world?

  • How did the pandemic impact event marketing budgets?

  • And more!

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Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #125

Talk about your Show Special in Pre-show Marketing

Be sure if you are running a show special at the event to promote it heavily in your pre-show marketing. It can make a difference in the success of your special!

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