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Chasing the Sun: Reasons to Start or Relocate a Business in Phoenix

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Located in the deserts of Arizona, the capital city of Phoenix is an oasis of economy, low regulation and cultural wealth. If you’re looking for somewhere to found or relocate a small business (and hot weather year-round), it could be worth taking a closer look at the Valley of the Sun.


Families, workers and businesses all benefit tremendously from Phoenix’s low cost of living. With cheap goods, services and healthcare, the city has attracted a thriving population of young workers and, in turn, businesses are benefiting from its affordable labour. The wide availability of office buildings also means that business owners enjoy more space for cheaper investment and affordable access to the city’s compact central business district.


As anyone who’s lived there will attest, Phoenix can often feel like one gigantic community. This is largely owing to its colorful ecosystem of customers, business owners, local leaders and organizations developed to help encourage local economies. When you start a business in the Valley, it’s easy to draw inspiration from those around you or, failing that, from the many resources assembled specifically for entrepreneurs.

● SEED Spot

● Arizona Commerce Authority

● CEI (Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation)

● The Community Entrepreneurship Center

Quality of Life

Quality of life relates to more than just income - Phoenix offers its residents and families a wealth of culture, cuisine, events and outdoor activities. If you want incredible views, you can check out the Dobbins Lookout South Mountain or, if you want to enjoy some new culture, there’s the Musical Instrument Museum. With so much to do during time off, Phoenix enjoys a burgeoning leisure economy and a workforce who return from their weekends happy and refreshed. To get an idea of its available offerings, check out:

● Desert Botanical Garden

● Goldfield Ghost Town

● Wildlife World Zoo

● Various golfing spots


Much of Phoenix’s work talent is produced in the city itself via local colleges. With its 400+ charter and private schools, Arizona performs above national averages on College Board SAT college readiness exams and many of these graduating students remain local. Employers can look to draw new staff from a multitude of prestigious institutes, such as:

● Brookline College - Phoenix

● Grand Canyon University

● Arizona Christian University

● Arizona State University


The housing market in Phoenix is truly diverse with properties of ranging affordability. Regardless of your budget, across the 14,599 mi² metropolitan area, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find somewhere suitable for you and the family, with an impressive cost-to-space ratio. If you’re unsure of where to start, try using directories like to narrow down your options and specify your desired number of bathrooms/bedrooms.

Business Quick-Start Checklist

Ahead of a move to Phoenix, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local regulations that can affect you as a small business. Although Phoenix City does not issue general business licenses, some services will require recommendation/approval from the council. You may also need a privileged tax license from the finance department, if your business operates within the city limits. Make sure to check ahead of time and, if necessary, contact the local authorities to ensure you are qualified before you relocate.


If you have decided to make the move to Phoenix, it’s worth getting the jump and researching ‘local movers near me.’ Make sure, before meeting with any companies, to get a quote and discuss your needs (some moving companies will offer deals or credits if you ask). You can also carry out a background check by reading online reviews and testimonials. Traffic in Phoenix can vary in congestion depending on the time of day - it’s worth timing your move to take place after 8am and before 4pm to avoid any delays.

Phoenix is the country’s fifth-largest city and amongst its most up-and-coming. Now is the time for small businesses to take advantage of its growing momentum and secure their place in this fast-growing economy.

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