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Updated: May 30, 2022

Changing Entrepreneurs’ Lives One Step at a Time

Looking to start a tech business – look no further. Located in Toronto, the DMZ is a world-leading tech incubator for seed and pre-seed startups. Offering an equity-based program that helps venture-backable tech startups, they will grow your business over an 18-month period. DMZ builds your business by connecting you with customers, capital, experts, and a community of entrepreneurs and influencers. By giving you the tools for success, it creates an environment in which you can focus on expanding your business. It's more than just getting through the day, it's about setting the bar high and seizing every moment. Sometimes being good won't cut it. Go above and beyond, think of the bigger picture and make the unimaginable happen. For more information visit the DMZ website at

Maintain, Strengthen, Change Aspects of your Life and Relationships

Selected as a Platinum Winner for Toronto’s Marriage, Family, and Individual Counseling Relationship Therapy Mississauga is here to support you. Offering clinical supervision and individual, couple and family therapy their team of recognized psychotherapists and social workers provide psychotherapy to children, adolescents, and adults in the form of individual, couple, and family therapy. individual therapy teaches you how to improve your relationship with yourself, and life in general by building your self-esteem. Build a better connection with family members through relationship and couples counseling. Start your journey now!

Dedicated to commercializing the full potential of drone technology.

A fully integrated drone industry leader, provides a technical bridge to commercialization for new and developing technology. Their business encompasses inspection, imaging, and data capture services for all industries, tailor-made solutions for existing and new use cases, R&D, manufacturing, pilot certification, and skills training, distribution, and corporate consultancy for RPAS operations setup and management. They are committed to exceeding expectations and building their internal culture to ensure they are inclusive, and supportive and take advantage of their rich diversity. In this phase of manned and unmanned aviation, Volatusa is uniquely positioned to lead the way.


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