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STEEL FRAMED MATS – Durable, Strong and Stable

Heavy duty platforms serve as a critical base for pipeline construction, small water crossings, tank farms, oil and gas drilling rigs, and many other industrial applications. Northern Mat & Bridge (NMB) Steel Framed Mats are designed to endure the heaviest loads. Their products and services deliver safe access to otherwise impassable terrain for reasons such as poor ground conditions, weather, sensitive farm/grass lands and traditional land use areas.

Features include side beam shackles for easy maneuverability, notched wood to fit inside H beam to create a smooth surface, gusseted joints for strength and durability, 3 and 4 beam frame options and custom builds are available upon request.

Northern Mat & Bridge (NMB) specializes in providing safe, cost effective temporary access products, rig mat rentals and solutions for energy industries across North America: including transmission & distribution, pipeline, oil & gas, wind, potash, forestry, LNG and more.

The Mavic 2 pro – You’re about to enter another World

Fly faster, longer and higher with the latest flagship consumer drone from DJI – the Mavic 2 pro. Outstanding for aerial photography and capturing gorgeous shots in high resolution colour. The Mavic 2 pro features obstacle sensors on all sides of the aircraft, to ensure safety of the aircraft. Anything is possible with the Mavic 2.

The DJI Mavic 2 offers iconic Hasselblad image quality on the Pro and a high-performance zoom lens on the Zoom. You can now fly faster, longer and quieter with up to 32 minutes of flight time - the longest flight time for a consumer drone - as well a a max speed of 72 kph in sport mode (with no wind) as well a DJI low-noise flight technology.

If you’re new to the drone flying hobby, the Mavic 2 features an obstacle sensor on all sides of the aircraft allowing the the Mavic 2 can maneuver like a dream. In addition, the new advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS) allows the aircraft to actively avoid obstacles in front of and behind the aircraft.

E-Payment Authentication Made Easy with EMV 3DS

In August, 2018 EMVCo officially released an updated version of the EMV 3DS protocol that has the industry buzzing about 3-D secure payment options. What is EMV 3DS? The EMV 3DS protocol helps prevent unauthorized card not present transactions and protects merchants from Card Not Present fraud – a high risk for merchants.

Issuers will have access to over 150 data parameters - 10 times that of the original version of the protocol. 3DS 2.0 will have 41 required data points and over 100 optional points the merchant can choose to send to the issuer. Risk based authentication is essential to ensure chargeback protection without friction or false declines.

In the event that a transaction cannot be authenticated with RBA (roughly 5% of transactions) PAAY 3DS Server gives merchants the option either A.) close out the 3DS request allowing for an entirely frictionless customer experience or B.) Prompt the consumer for additional verification to ensure the merchant is protected.

Paay CO designed a product line to quickly and easily offer merchants all the benefits of 3-D Secure without the shortcomings. The benefits: Chargeback liability shift, increased approval rates, & lower interchange rates.

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