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Updated: May 16

Get Your Free Time Back Let Gram Tax and Accounting take care of the bookkeeping for your business, giving you all the time to focus on what you and your company do best. Known as one of the best tax accountants, their effective and proven successful accounting and bookkeeping services process is made possible using ReceiptBank and Xero. Real-time results and reports update your business’s growth at all times making it possible to make adjustments for maximum ROI. Are you ready to take your bookkeeping to the next level?

When it’s Time to Stalk Up on Celery Juice

You know you’ve come to the right place! People love drinking this first thing the morning on an empty stomach. Celery is an extremely hydrating, excellent source of Vitamin A which contributes to the normal function of the immune system. It’s high in folate which aids in red blood cell formation, and a source of manganese which is a factor in energy metabolism contributing to the formation and maintenance of bones. We add a splash of lemon to help with the taste and shelf life of this juice. Lemon is not your “thing” - don’t worry, they can customize this for you if you don’t want the lemon added. Just make sure you let them know in the notes section when you order at Green Press Celery Juice.

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