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Looking for a way to give your wall spaces a unique and modern touch of beauty? You can’t go wrong with wall graphics and murals. Wall graphics are graphical stick-on and decals that you stick up on your wall or other surfaces like glass doors with the help of adhesives.

Jamie from Leeds based Dock Street Signs said “Wall graphics and murals are an amazing way to modernize and brighten your wall spaces regardless of the sizes. From 3D cut lettering to the ceiling to ground printed wraps, and cut vinyl wall decals, you can transform any space to your dream outlook in seconds.”

When it comes to boosting the work ethic and morale of your employees in your workspace, using the right wall graphic goes a long way. This article highlights some amazing wall graphics you can pick from to modernize your wall space.

Who Can Use Wall Graphics

Customers, employees, patients, colleagues, visitors, supermarket shoppers, and the list went on for the number of people who can benefit from a beautiful wall graphic design.

Wall graphics go beyond decorating your surfaces to passing meaningful and helpful messages to people. Wall graphics and murals can be used in some of the following spaces;

● School Hall Graphics

● Office Reception branding

● Supermarket WallPrints

● Museum Wall Murals

● Sports Centre Wall Murals

● Hallways and corridor prints

● Hotel room prints

● Waiting area murals

● School canteen murals

Types of Wall Graphics and Murals

There are a variety of wall graphics and murals to pick from to add that extra touch to your spaces.

#1. Printed Wall Wrap

When thinking of adding an extra color burst and creativity to your reception, hallways, or office space, you should consider printed wall wraps. By using color printed photography or block color graphics, you can complement any space regardless of size.

#2. Branded Wall Graphics

Reflect your company’s image by decorating your office space with a big decal of your company logo. Having this kind of wall graphic in your workspace ensures that there is an all-around motivation for the employees. Overall, you get to achieve greater work habits and success.

#3. 3D Flat Cut Letter Wall Decal

With the 3D flat cut lettering decal, you can add depth and an extra reality feel to your surface decorations. This usually looks good on small surfaces and this intensifies the graphic decor on your surfaces.

#4. Educational Wall Murals

The use of printed murals is fast becoming a trend as many colleges and schools are adapting them for motivation. Within the hallways, classrooms, and canteens, you can use this means to educate and motivate your staff and students all the time.

#5. Museum Wall Murals

Museum wall graphics are an effective way to display information and the history of a particular place. They are a cost-effective and creative means of creating awareness with murals.


Murals and wall graphics are a trendy new way to add extra spice and a dash of color to your surfaces. It not only decorates but motivates the people who find themselves in the decorated spaces.

It is a cost-effective and beneficial way to decorate your wall surfaces and rest assured you get the long-lasting properties it comes with.


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