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Ditch your display. Really.

by Jim Cermak

I am excited to bring you a new video of a podcast episode I released a couple of months ago! 1) This week - Ditch Your Typical Displays

If you have exhibited at least once at a trade show, you have experienced some pains and challenges. My guest is a professional exhibit designer and builder to help you solve those challenges!

Josh Rifkin is the CEO of Flatworks Displays. Josh brings 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and trade show industries and knows what goes into preparing for trade shows.

We discuss:

  • Shows are back but you need to be selective – It’s a costly endeavor

  • Maximize your valuable space to create a more inviting environment for buyers to enter and engage.

  • Ditch the backdrops and skirted tables

  • Think about your trade show staff: get them in and out fast. The sooner they set up… the happier and fresher they will be during the show.

2) #1 BIG HUGE PRO TIP - Tip Stacking!! (Don't Miss This!!)

If you watch or listen to one episode this year, this should be it! Learn how one of my clients increased the number of Qualified Leads they got by 150% in just ONE SHOW, and this led to a HUGE sales spike!!! They did this through Tip Stacking - taking multiple trade show tips and making tweaks that have a cumulative effect on each other. The key is doing the RIGHT things! Take 9 minutes to listen to exactly how they did it and INCREASE YOUR LEADS YOUTUBE -- Watch the video here! PODCAST -- Listen to the podcast episode here!

3) Did You Miss any of these Tips and Training Videos?

Here's the latest videos to drop on the Trade Show University YouTube Channel!

  • NEVER Do These 7 Things at Your Booth - Watch Now!

  • 9 Tips to Drive Attendee Traffic - Watch Now!

  • Interview with Disney Events pro Alan Bruun - Watch Now!

Have a question or challenge? Contact Me! Jim

Jim Cermak

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