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EDC Gifts That Will Blow Your Mind: Be Prepared For Anything!

A loved one’s birthday or special event is on the way, and you would love to gift them something that would blow their minds, just as they would blow yours. Especially if this person is an outdoor enthusiast, EDCs are an excellent choice. In this article, let us look at a few EDC gifts that would prepare someone for anything that comes their way.

EDC, also known as Everyday Carry, is a practical item that ensures our safety and well-being wherever we find ourselves. They could be self-defense tools, multi-tools, or even something as simple as a bandage. In any form they come, EDCs are helpful and come through in times you wouldn’t expect.

Not to bore you, let’s move on to the next section that expatriates the concept of EDCs and why they’re important. Then, we discuss the gifts. Keep reading!

What are EDCs, and Why Them?

EDC is an acronym that stands for “Everyday Carry.” It refers to the collection of essential items people keep on their person at all times, regardless of where they go. The items in someone’s EDC kit can vary based on each individual’s hobbies, occupation, and daily activities.

EDC gifts are an excellent idea, especially if you’re gifting an outdoor enthusiast. However, the items should serve the needed purpose. It could be something as simple as writing utensils, keys, or a small multi-tool to help with repairs in an emergency.

Also, it might include other more advanced self-defense tools, such as pepper spray, for women’s safety.

The key benefits of having an accessible EDC kit are that it can save time and money. Especially with the right tools at hand, people can fix things themselves instead of relying on someone else. It provides confidence, knowing that they have all the items within reach.

EDC Gifts That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Fire Starter

Those who are prepared, like you or your supposed recipient, are the target audience for this compact yet powerful EDC tool. This striker combo is fantastic for those who would instead carry a smaller fire starter in their daily bag. And do not be misled by its diminutive size into believing it is ineffective.

With its very functional design, this little gem dazzles. You can clip it to your keychain, conceal it in your wallet, or slip it inside your pocket for increased convenience. It also comes with a 120 db whistle, so you can immediately draw attention to yourself.

Get this fire starter and be ready to be amazed by the abilities packed into this little gem!

2. Vehicle Escape Tool

First responders, police officers, and EMTs trust it, and over 8 million drivers use it globally. In fact, every fifteen days, a life is saved by the window breaker and seatbelt cutter.

The tiny escape tool belies its power to rip seat belts and break glass. Testing on different glass thicknesses has shown that it functions effectively underwater. Also, the seat belt cutter quickly slices through when there’s an accident involving obstructed seat belts, allowing escape.

Therefore, it’s an essential car item for emergencies.


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