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Ever have Mayhem at your Event? 😵

At our Trade Shows, Meetings and Events, there are times when things go wrong. VERY wrong!

But our creativity and innovation can turn mayhem into a success!

Proud to have joined the Trade Show University podcast Terry Matthews-Lombardo, author of the new book Meetings Mayhem - Behind the Scenes of Successful Meetings & Events.

Terry takes us into her recently published book, Meetings Mayhem!, which is a humorous but factual look at the serious business of making meetings and events happen.

You will love the stories and take away some amazing tips and lessons on creativity and perseverance!

Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #125

Be Prepared as an Attendee

When you are attending a trade show or expo, don’t just wing it even if you have been to that specific show in the past. Study the show agenda, show floor, exhibitors, after-hours events, and more. If you are prepared, you will leave that event with better results than ever.


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