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Five Solopreneur Challenges and How to Solve Them


Many people these days are turning to solopreneurship as a way of life. The digital age has made it possible for anyone with an internet connection, some business savvy, and disposable income to work from home on their own terms.

However, being self-employed comes with its fair share of challenges that can be difficult to overcome without the right tools at your disposal.

Pretty much any solopreneur challenge requires just a bit more hard work.

Not to worry, though. As a solopreneur, you're likely already used to having a little extra on your plate from time to time.

In this blog post, we discuss five common solopreneur challenges and how you can solve them.

Spending Too Much Time in the Weeds

As a solopreneur, it's tempting to be in the mix all of the time. By that, we mean being involved in all the tasks at hand—whether trivial or important.

While being a hands-on person is undoubtedly a positive for solopreneurs, the slope to spreading yourself too thin is slippery.

When you're constantly in the weeds, it's difficult to stay on top of your company goals and priorities. You can't see when growth opportunities are just around the corner because all you're doing is putting out fires each day, with little time left over for thinking up of ways to grow your business.

Remember: a solopreneur needs to be hands-on, but it’s even more important to think strategically for the long term.

Being Distracted by Notifications

The bulk of businesses today are run online. That's also where all the distractions are.

These distractions are trivial, sure, but they rapidly stack up.

Younger solopreneurs might have an easier time working online, having grown up with digital devices. Most of them won't have a problem working on a full Excel spreadsheet while having a cookie, with a YouTube video playing on the side—all while browsing Instagram stories on their phone.

Older solopreneurs, on the other hand, can be quite the mixed bag. While some are able to keep themselves tethered to their work tasks while answering emails periodically, others essentially lose hours a day by trying to multitask.

Be honest with yourself about your ability to multitask. Not everyone can do it effectively. If you are one of those people, we suggest being proactive about keeping yourself on a tight leash.

You can look into apps that block all notifications for a set time to help you focus more on the things that need to get done.

A disposable email system also works wonders by hiding your company's email address from the general public, providing you with more privacy and security, while preventing spammers, trolls, and pushy salespeople from wasting your time.

Knowing When—And When Not to—Outsource

Outsourcing certain tasks can add a lot to your business. However, not every task is worth the time and money it takes to outsource it.

It's easy for solopreneurs who have deep pools of knowledge in their niches to get carried away with outsourcing everything possible so they don't have to do anything except sit back and enjoy the profit pouring in.

That might work for some solopreneurs, but it's not a good fit for everyone.

Think about your strengths and weaknesses before you jump into outsourcing everything that pops up on your to-do list. It'll save you time, money—and lots of frustration down the line!

Not Keeping Up with All the Latest Marketing Trends

Many solopreneurs believe strongly in their products or services. If they didn't, they wouldn't take on the challenge of becoming a solopreneur in the first place.

No matter how good your product is, however, it won't be enough to bring you the success you're looking for without people buying into your vision.

When's the last time you learned about the latest digital marketing tools? If it was too long ago, then your business might be suffering as a result.

Digital marketing moves at an impressive pace. And if you don't keep up with all of the latest trends and tactics, your competitors will leave you in their dust.

Staying on top of these trends allows you to foster customer loyalty, keep your brand fresh, and stay one step ahead of your competition.

Not Having a Support System

As a solopreneur, you might be used to going it alone. But we can't stress enough how important it is to have a support system in place during difficult times and when your work begins to feel too much for just one person.

You don't need loads of people surrounding you constantly—just one or two good friends who are willing to lend you an ear when needed. They might also be able to give you advice on how they handled similar challenges in their business.

It's not the same as having a professional support system, but it can help if your solopreneur journey feels lonely at times—and that feeling of isolation is one of the biggest threats to your success as a solopreneur.

Avoiding these five challenges will put you on the path to greater efficiency and productivity. It'll be easier for you to reach your goals, attract more customers—and really enjoy what it means to run a successful business alone.


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