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Flipboard: How to Use it for Maximum Outreach

The struggle is real. We feel you.

You have worked day & night on your content. You have taken care of SEO and every semantics there is. But there seems to be a trickle of traffic to your website. 

You turn to Social Media. Yes, that is where you will get your initial viewership from. You make accounts everywhere and start sharing your content.

But with minimal following the click through to your site is pretty disappointing.

We all have been there. 

That is why Flipboard is worth your attention. It not only is perfect for new starters or small business owners, but also can help you generate huge traffic for your website. 

Jeff Bulas, reported an impressive 275-page views in a couple of days from Flipboard to his Blog. Intriguing? Read on! 

Table of Contents

  1. What is Flipboard ?

  2. Why to use Flipboard ?

  3. How to get started with Flipboard for content promotion

  4. Flipboard: New ways to optimize your business

1. What is Flipboard?

Founded in 2010 headquartered at Palo Alto, CA, Flipboard is a content curation platform having both a website as well as an application. It presents the content in a magazine style format. This can be used for reading the feed or content discovery on various devices. 

With over 145 million users worldwide, it has gone through various revisions to become the full-fledged consumer product it is today.

Users discover new content based on their interests. They can “flip” their favourite content into magazines which they can promote for others to consume.

 2. Why to use Flipboard ?

  • Extremely simple - Unlike most social media, this is super easy to get started with. From setting up your account to curating content for others to see can all be mastered in a day. 

  • Number of followers won't matter - Again unlike other social media where most small business owners struggle to make an impact due to less visibility owing to few followers, Flipboard works on something called “interest graphs”.

The content you flip is automatically visible to the audience showing interest in that topic irrespective of your follower base.

If your content adds value to the audience showing interest in that topic, the path from audience to regular visitors usually becomes less rocky. 

  • Short Lived - Since the flow of traffic to your website from Flipboard is interest based, it will keep flowing as long as you curate new content on a regular basis. Since so much content is being “flipped” on a daily basis, this becomes a difficult task.

But as long as you have content to solve the audience’s questions, you can “flip” it to generate a spike of traffic to your website. 

Also, note that the average user spends roughly over 6 minutes on Flipboard which gives your content a pretty decent time to be flipped around. A perfect example to showcase this is Harsh Agarwal, who received a whopping 3682 referrals from Flipboard in a single day.

3. How to get started with Flipboard for content promotion 

  • Create Flipboard profile - Once you have downloaded the app, you can start creating your profile. You need to choose three topics of your interest area which will become the backbone of your home feed. You can always change or add more topics later on.

Then you fill up your personal details and on confirming the confirmation mail sent by your mentioned email address, you can start viewing your home feed.

  • Create Flipboard magazine - Magazines are the basis on which Flipboard works. The content in your curated magazine can be purely yours or similar articles in your niche which might interest your users. In your profile, on clicking the “+ Create Magazine” button you can create a magazine. Just name it and start adding content to it. 

The title and description of your magazine should be interesting enough for users to want to look into it. 

  • Curate killer informative content - Gather the best of your content as well as the most notable works in your niche to curate in your magazine. Your magazine should provide value to the readers showing interest in your niche. If it does, they will keep coming back for more content from you. 

  • Gaining Flipboard followers - Though not absolutely needed, having a good follower base only helps in more visibility to your content as they further flip your content visible to their audiences. You can gain followers by following people flipping interesting content in your niche. 

  • Promoting your magazine - Be sure to promote your magazine on other social media and in your email lists to gain maximum exposure. Also, add a Flipboard button to your website to make it easy for your visitors to flip your content. 

  • Engagement - Try and engage with users on Flipboard in your niche. This will help you to create meaningful relationships with people in your niche. Also, this will help drive more traffic to your website/blog. You will only further boost your chances of gaining visitors if you engage with your Flipboard audience on a regular basis. 

4. Flipboard: New ways to optimize your business 

Flipboard brings on board new innovative ways which can be leveraged to promote your online business. Though traditional social media practices still work like a charm, Flipboard further enhances it by providing an extra & powerful dimension to it. 

  • Content Strategy - Flipboard presents a very good platform to research new and upcoming topics in your niche. You can view all the latest content in your niche and design your content strategy around it. 

  • Flipboard Newsletter - It can boost your existing newsletter that you send to your subscribers. Your viewers will only find this more useful as you have already compiled all the best content for them in your Flipboard magazine. 

  • Showcase your authority - Flipboard helps you put out the word that you know your niche. When you curate awesome content from around the web and update your own content in the mix, your magazine is nothing but your authority. Dedicate your magazine to showing off your expertise in your niche. 

  • Leveraging Photos - Flipboard let you flip photos just as easily as content. Having your magazine cover pictorially your products/services or any event that you might want to get out to the world is another unique way to get the name out to the masses.

Conclusion - To Flip or not to Flip 

With over 25754 personalized topics & growing, Flipboard is here to stay. For both publishers as well as consumers, Flipboard provides an interesting perspective to content curation & discovery.

Though it will take some time to see some results from Flipboard, it is best to optimize it & start using it right away for your content discovery & curation needs. From building relationships with similar minded people to showcasing your content to discovering some of the best works around your niche, Flipboard is a powerful tool if done right. 

Get started with Flipboard & let it work for you!

Aakash Singh is a marketing professional & a content marketing specialist. Having over 5 years of experience working with major organizations like Cup Of Glory, he is passionate about digital marketing, blogging & SEO.

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