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Forget B2B or B2C - this is the way to approach Events!

There are 5 Things you need to see in this email! If you are an EXHIBITOR, check out #4! 1) We talk about B2B and B2C, but we don't sell to Businesses or Consumers. We are Human and we sell to Humans - H2H. So this episode is a Masterclass on H2H. What is it, and why it can be transformational for not only our trade shows and events, but also for our companies! To bring the concept of H2H to life and get your brains spinning in all-new excellent directions are Tim Simpson of The Design Studio at Maritz Global Events and Danny Hardman of the Production Resource Group (PRG). Ep. 154 - The Transformative Power of H2H Interaction

We Discuss:

  • What common themes are you seeing/hearing right now with the variety of clients you are working with?

  • Why Human-to-Human? What does that mean?

  • Are you bullish on the future of events, trade shows, gatherings, etc?

  • Tips for Show Planners and Exhibitors

This can be Transformational for your company. Listen now, and then please share it with others! Click Here!

2) And don't miss these recent episodes:

  • Take a good critical look at your display. Your backdrop, banners, videos, etc. Is the messaging still current? Does it speak to the current needs of your audience? If you need to make changes – do it! Make the investment! At your next show, you have just one chance to make the best impression with what could be your best customers ever.

4) Hey Exhibitors! Ready to MAX your ROI? I was honored to be interviewed on a recent episode of The Events Cast podcast with my friend Francesca Balit! We discussed so many powerful ideas you can implement right now! Listen to The Events Cast

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