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Free SEO Tools: A Guide For The Beginner

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

The significance of SEO optimization cannot go unnoticed when businesses are looking to improve brand awareness, increase traffic, boost conversion, and more through the website. SEO optimization starts with the right set of SEO tools that makes it easy for businesses to understand the target market, competition, and others required to get ahead of the pack. That's great!

However, it's found that some SEO tools are expensive, and it becomes trickier for beginners to spend a lot of money. Here, intelligently selected free SEO tools will help businesses initially to know what they are doing and how it needs to be done. Later, companies can adapt advanced tools that get the job done cost-effectively.

In this blog, 15 free SEO tools leveraged by the top SEO companies to meet the everyday SEO needs of the website are enlisted to help you. Let’s dive in!

15 free SEO tools used by beginners for a great start

SEO companies will only use some SEO tools to make the website SEO-optimized. The right mix of SEO tools is leveraged to meet both ends. Here are 15 free SEO tools that serve most of the website optimization needs for search engines.

Google Analytics

The most potent weapon in the SEO beginners' arsenal is Google Analytics, which is free. It helps businesses monitor which page is gaining maximum traffic and from which segment of the users. It also bifurcates the percentage of traffic coming to the website from organic search or premium ads. Pairing Google Analytics with other tools like- Keyword Hero showcases which keyword drives traffic to the website.

AdWords keyword tool

Keyword research is a stepping stone to SEO optimization, but identifying the right keyword is all-important. That's where Google keyword planner is important as it allows businesses to enter several keywords and know the monthly search volume, competition, and keyword modifications to maximize results. The keyword-related statistics guide beginners in twisting keyword strategy and reaching the exact search term that can help them.

SEO by Yoast

As a part of SEO, if you are focusing on content optimization for a website, there's a plugin- Yoast SEO that helps businesses optimize published blogs for search engines and maximize the number of views. When beginners enter the keyword they want to target through a blog post, the free SEO tool provides suggestions for keyword changes to achieve the expected results after publishing the blog.

Open site explorer

Link building provides opportunities to build website authority and add credibility to the content. The free tool for website SEO optimization excels in competitors' backlink research and lets businesses know how to create similar types of backlinks.

Bing webmaster tool

Bing is one of the major search engines used at scale by the people. Businesses need to optimize their websites for Bing as well. That's where the Bing webmaster tool provides valuable information about website indexing, internal/external links, sitemap, and more.

Google pagespeed insight

Target users are browsing the website using multiple devices, which makes it essential for the website to perform at speed on all devices and operating systems. Google's PageSpeed insight tool reveals the loading speed of every webpage on a grade of 0-100 based on various parameters. Also, it makes suggestions to improve webpage performance that enhance the website's usability.

Ahref’s webmaster tool

If you are looking for a technical website audit, Ahref’s webmaster tool fits the bill. It verifies and audits the website to unearth more than 100 technical issues, followed by the solutions to fix them. Beginners can check keyword ranking and external website links to suggestions for boosting SERP.

Answer the public

Going beyond the capability of Google keyword planner, answer the public tool can display more than 150 keyword ideas in a few seconds that users search the most in the form of questions. The long list of keyword ideas provides long-tail keyword opportunities that help businesses create a difference. However, the free SEO tool facilitates only three searches daily.

Google search console

The website has already been launched, and businesses want to check the website's current status, according to Google. Then, Google's search console helps prevent and fix the issues. The tool showcases the number of impressions, clicks, organic keywords, backlinks, ranking position, and more. Google, Bing, and other search engines also have a search console that helps beginners start quickly.

SERP snippet optimization tool

Meta titles and meta descriptions are created for every webpage that appears in search results to the users. SERP snippet optimization tool allows beginners to view how these meta titles and descriptions look in the search results even before publishing the webpage. It highlights truncation concerns and helps fix them right away.

Google Trends

Many variations are found in how users search for a specific thing as users' preferences and search terms change over time. It mandates businesses to know what's in trend. That's where Google Trends presents the most popular search term that uncovers seasonal variations so beginners learn about the product's popularity and take things forward accordingly.

Moz local listing score

Brick-and-mortar stores partner with one of the best local SEO companies to optimize their local online business presence. The companies leverage Moz local listing score tool that aggregates data from 10 different sources to showcase the website score locally. The results will help businesses to fix issues with the right actions.

XML Sitemap

Sitemap architecture creation and submission are vital to make the Google crawlers understand the website optimally. XML sitemap helps create the sitemap architecture of a website of 500 pages. The beginners only need to enter the website URL along with some parameters, and the sitemap is in front of them in a few minutes. 


Hundreds of free SEO tools are out there, debuting the best results when leveraged for website SEO optimization. It's a daunting task to create a curated list of free SEO tools that brought excellent results to the businesses that leveraged it before. Realizing this need, the list of the best free SEO tools you will find valuable is enlisted. Browse the free tools and hope this list makes your SEO work more accessible.



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